Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 days

This weekend I raced ran two races.  That's a new one for me.  So, why, when it's my wedding anniversary, would I run a 5K in the middle of the afternoon?  Weeeeeeeell...

Today C ran her first 5K, and at her request, I went with her.  Her little brother G also tagged along, as well as KB&L a few girls from various girl scout troops that we know.  The Moms of the girls found out we were running, and I invited the girls to tag along.

C's Race Photo, getting ready to walk to the start!
So my plan was to be the "chase car" and just run a few feet behind her.  Since I ran a Half Marathon yesterday I figured just running a 5K at a 12 min/mile sounded fun and ridiculously easy.  Ha.  That's not how kids run.  But more on that later.

At mile .36 B of the KB&L team dropped out.  She saw her mom, and decided she needed her inhaler.  Safety first.  And then... there were 4.

L, g, K, G, and C running past my mailbox, which is on the course.

I offered to pace them all at an easy 11:30/12 minute pace.  What they did instead was run an 8 min pace for 5 minutes, then walk... then run a 7:30 for 3 minutes, then walk...  then run a 10:09 for 5 minutes... then walk... then...  SO, I ended up bringing up the rear with G, who really struggled because he would have been better off listening to me and just running easy at that 12 minute pace.....  Poor kid, completely untrained.  Anyway, it was a 5K, so before we knew it we were at mile 2.  At 2.5 we caught C.  K&L were just ahead of us (20 feet).  And I whispered to G, "you could beat C if you fight for it"... and he did kick it into high gear.  They all finished within a few seconds of each other.  K&L finished, then G, and then C and then... me!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So stinkin ADORABLE!! Love it! And cant wait until my boys pin on a race number.

MCM Mama said...

Too cute and so fun! Jones ran his first (and only) 5k the same way. Sprint, walk, sprint, walk, then whine for long time, then sprint to the finish. ;o)

Robyn said...

Aww so cute! I could never run a 5k when I was that young.

Anne said...

C looks so cute!
Love the race recap :) :) sprint walk spring walk...that's how I started!