Monday, May 31, 2010


A very short re-cap of some high points this month...

Miles run:  117 miles!  YEAH!

Races Raced: 2

PR's attained: 2

Races won: 1!  (no really, for real)

Color Obsession:  NAVY BLUE!  (Did I mention my new Navy Blue Single BOB???)

Birthdays observed:  Mine

Anniversary's observed:  many - Mine, as well as quite a few from around town and bloggy land.

Books read:  Zero.  No really, none, except Anatomy & Physiology II, Chapter 12.  Uhg.

Goals for June:  Start Marathon training!  Seriously, going to start early this year and train my way to an awesome PR!


RunHapi13 said...

Congratulations on a great May! And looking forward to an awesome June!

Anne said...

I'm obsessed with navy blue too. Perfect summer color to make you look fit and fast...of course, you seem to have no trouble with either these days.