Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 Things Thursday

1)  Today is Thursday the 13th.  This is completely unimportant unless you are COMPLETELY neurotic like me AND plan to run the Richmond Marathon....  which is in a mere 6 months.  What I learned last year marathon training is that the last 2 months before the marathon are the shortest 2 months EVER, and at the same time, the longest two months as one freaks about about NOT GETTING THE FLU or WORSE!

2)  A week into my "school vacation" and I'm feeling rested and ... no I'm not, that's insane.  Still, I don't hate Wednesdays as much when we don't have 9887 things going on at once.

3)  Running is sort of interesting.  I'm having a little trouble fitting in my miles.  The 4th day a week run is the one I'm missing, and while it's only 3-4 miles I'm skipping out on, I think... yea, pretty much, I think I miss THAT run the most.  Because all my other runs are long miles.  (6 being the shortest).  So, at least this one will be the easiest run to add to the morning run schedule, which starts in 2 weeks.  Why in two weeks?  Well, because I quit my JOB!  And now, if I want to shower after I send the kids to school instead of before they go (or after 2pm)... I can!  Ok.  So only a MOM celebrates when she gets to shower on her blog.


Jen said...

I completely understand! I shower after my runs... and if I cannot fit a run in... then I look horrible all day. Oh well!

MCM Mama said...

Woohoo! for showers. Good luck getting that 4th run in. I'm tapering right now and having more trouble fitting in my short runs than I did fitting in my really long ones.

S Club Mama said...

I'm in sweats today. I haven't ran. I haven't showered. I understand. :D

Anonymous said...

i wished i lived closer so I could go running with u guys! still dont know how u running moms do it...its not human. and considering my first marathon is less than a month away i feel the panic setting in hardcore.