Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday!

1)  NOTHING in the world makes a runner more bad a** than having a point rider on a bike.  I promise.  Call your best non-running girlfriend for a bike ride/run and see what I'm talking about.

2)  Why do kids always get the best fortunes in their cookies?  Really, my 3 year old daughter always gets something profound about improving the universe without trying, and I get something like, "ancient chinese proverb says you have to pay for chinese food with cash to enjoy it most".  Really?

3)  The longer a chore is left undone, the longer it will be put off.  (aha - I should be writing fortune cookie fortunes.)  Any married woman with kids will confirm that is true.

4)  This is the last day I have as a 33 year old woman.  Tomorrow, starts the long slow count down to the "new box", as Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex in The City called it.

5)  Sunday H & I will have been married for 12 years.  So cool, because to me 12 years seems like a long time.  Something really worthy of celebrating.  Anyone can make it 2 years... but not every one makes it 12.  (yea, I know, some don't make it two, this is not a judgement, I don't judge.)  Every year for our anniversary, H & I have gone over the top to try to find a cheap item that matches the "YEAR" and doesn't break the bank.  It started this way because when we were first married, all we could afford to buy each other was a card (paper).  We'd just bought a house, with a new refrigerator... so... yea, "Happy Anniversary Dear".

Over the years the gifts I gave him ranged from the practical to the funny...  IRON (6th) a driver, which the guy at the sports store assured me could be referred to as a driving iron (golf club)... and Bronze (8th) was a "Bronzing" at a Spray Tan place.  Copper (7th) was a tube of CopperTone *he's fair and burns easily, it's the family joke.  Pottery (9) was a coffee cup.  Last year I bought him a $50 bottle of wine from a vineyard with the word Steel in it, and... something I choose not to mention in Blogland, but was Stainless Steel (11th).  So this year is SILK!!!  12!!!!  I'm super "stoked",  and super "wondering what am I going to get him that's SILK?"  I mean, it would be so easy for him, Step 1.  go into Victoria's Secret, Step 2 tell the lady you need anything size M that's silk.  Done.

I can't exactly do that, can I?  And he does not work in a tie wearing kind of job - no need for silk tie.  Wait a minute... Silk Sheets?  What do you think, would a man want silk sheets for his 12th anniversary?

In past years, when I've come up blank, I've done some crazy things like, for the year Aluminum/Tin (hello?) I got myself "internationally" waxed.  I figured, that was way better for him than a tin cup....


Jen said...

My husband and I got each other red satin sheets for our 1 st anniversary without knowing... of course, I was thinking ahead and got 2 extra pillow cases since we have 4 pillows. He did not think about that.

By the way... have silk sheets and pillow cases is tough... the pillows just fly off of the bed in the middle of the night.

Happy birthday. I will be turning 33 in July... I hope it gets all up hill from here.

And Happy Anniversary... and I think you going into VS to get something silk in M could be a present for your husband - *wink!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday!! Keep doing what you're doing and no one will believe you when you do have to change boxes :)

Happy Anniversary!! 12 years is awesome...and I love the cheap gift tradition :)

roadtola said...

I agree - forget the silk sheets - unless you want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. VS is a good idea - or silk boxers

MCM Mama said...

Umm, if it were my husband? The visit to VS would be the correct answer.

Happy birthday and anniversary!