Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The First week of class is done.  9 to go.  If I was counting, which I am.

I have a very strong opinion about my professor, but I will choose to keep it for myself for a few weeks.  Perhaps I've judged too soon, perhaps I will change my opinion, perhaps...

Any HOO.  She's from the midwest... and she says words that are not grammatically correct... like, putting a T on the end of a word that ends in ck... or... putting a ck on the end of a word that ends in T.  Makes. me. nuts.

And... for a minute there I forgot I was keeping my opinion to myself....  so, where was I?  It's a 16 week course, condensed into 10 weeks.  I knew it was going to be intense.

Perhaps "intense" is not an intense enough word.  No matter WHAT you call it, she has a lot of expectations.  I love expectations, when they're achievable.  But.... for example, she gave us 2 days to read and outline 60 or so pages.  Sure, I can read 60 pages, if there's not going to be a test.  But, there IS going to be a test, so... I'm just saying, she might want to lower her standards, or, come to grips on the fact that I am not the BIONIC student, and neither are the other students in the class.  Yea, go ahead, ask me if I did the reading.  Of course I did, but I really felt that I skimmed it to the point of uselessness.  Next time she gives that assignment on a Monday that's due on Wednesday, I'm going to take really good notes on 50% of the chapter instead of trying to write light notes on 80% of the chapter.


Laurie said...

Ohhh, doesn't sound fun, might be a long semester. Good luck!

Jen said...

Praying for you to be bionic!

Lady Em said...

so, just for our reading pleasure can we have some examples of how midwesterners ruin the English language? If it ever happens to come up in conversation you may share my theory with goes...Jamestown 1607 + First permanent, english-speaking settlement in the New World= Virginians are right because we were here first...everyone else is just butchering our language. =)