Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here! I'm OVER HERE!!!


(that was the sound of me coming up for air).

Are we there yet?  No?  It's only Thursday?  Seriously?

WAIT a darned minute!  It's THURSDAY!  I LOVE THURSDAYS!!!  They're usually my favorite day of the week!!!  WHY?  Well... let me share with you:


1)  Thursdays are my favorite day of the week because NORMALLY I have NO after school activities planned!  Wednesdays we have 2 scouting activities and 1 dance class and one college class.  So.  Thursdays are like a breath of fresh air.  Today though, it's the FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL for C's IRISH Step Dance.  So, not so much "Breath of Fresh Air" as "Gasping heaving breath that is drawn in as I sprint to the car after shellacking C's hair into a cement bun covered in a wig and drive 30 minutes away".

2)  FINAL EXAMS ARE OVER.  Grades will be posted next week.  YAY.  I'm really hoping for my 4.0 to stay unblemished.

3)  AND, since exams are over....  I have TWO weeks OFF!!! (of school.  It's not like "Totally" off, because I'm still working, and I'm still a Momof3, and I'm having out of town guests, and traveling on the weekends, and have a race or two on the books, and have a birthday or something squeezed in there...).   BUT 2 weeks without homework sounds like SUCH A BREAK!


MCM Mama said...

LOL at number 3. Some of my during the school year commitments are ending and I'm done training for the marathon and I feel like I have all the time in the world now. ;o)

GLad finals are over for you.

Anne said...

I love Thursdays too because they are just one day away from Fridays and, next to Sundays, my favorite day of the week. You can start to exhale by Thursdays, especially when you are exam-free for awhile.

Anne said...

Enjoy your "break" :)

Jen said...

We are NEVER off as mothers. I have 3 PT jobs... but thankfully Job #1 ends, June 30th, and Job #2 ends June 17th... I crave summer.

Anonymous said...