Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Be A Hater

An OPEN letter to DHB

Dear Dark Haired B*tch Who Sits in Front of the Class,

Don't be a hater.  

Neurotic Sahm

I hate mom's who judge.  How hypocritical of me, huh?

Seriously though ladies, we're not here to judge how other moms "do it".  So what if another mom is screwing up left and right, who's to say its not working for her?  The really savvy moms out there, like me, don't waste time judging.  No ladies, what you need to do is LEARN from the other moms.  See what they do.  Try their stuff out.  See what does and doesn't work for your Mom-style.  Seriously, if I judged people's parenting, I might have missed out on some of life's greatest treasures... like calling salmon "pink fish" so your pink obsessed girl will eat it...

But tonight, at class, I got "THE LOOK" and "SNARKY COMMENT" from DHB.  Oh yes, I saw her give me the "look" as she condescendingly said, "I cannot join your study group, I have a son and, unlike some people, I can't give up any time with him to spend studying outside my home."

Oh.  Oh.  No.  She DID NOT just go there.  Mr. Nice Guy heard it too, and he agreed that it was unnecessarily snooty.  It was definitely aimed at me though.  My reply could have been SO unpleasant... but instead I used the tactic of saying one thing, and meaning something else.

What I said?  In a very pleasant tone, "Oh yes, as a mother of three children I can really relate to that feeling."

I wonder if DHB heard what I REALLY meant?


Erica said...

grrrrr..... I very much dislike women like that! There is a group of them at the pre-school my daughter attends!! and I was just want to say " really, really......?" ugghhh good for you for taking the high road! and I totally agree learning from each other is some much better than being a hater!!! Have a good rest of the day, I guess you can be glad she is not in your group after all!

Anne said...

Congrats for taking the high road...seriously, what a b*tch!

Jen said...

You are nicer than me. I would have called her out, maybe not in front of everyone.

Women judge each other and bring the sex down! UGH!

MCM Mama said...

I'm just wondering how exactly studying while in her home is better. She'll either have to ignore him completely or be interrupted, which will make studying take longer, which will take more time away from him... What a beyotch!