Monday, May 31, 2010


A very short re-cap of some high points this month...

Miles run:  117 miles!  YEAH!

Races Raced: 2

PR's attained: 2

Races won: 1!  (no really, for real)

Color Obsession:  NAVY BLUE!  (Did I mention my new Navy Blue Single BOB???)

Birthdays observed:  Mine

Anniversary's observed:  many - Mine, as well as quite a few from around town and bloggy land.

Books read:  Zero.  No really, none, except Anatomy & Physiology II, Chapter 12.  Uhg.

Goals for June:  Start Marathon training!  Seriously, going to start early this year and train my way to an awesome PR!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dear SpeeDee,

Thanks for taking care of my C today.  She's on cloud 9.  She loves you.  She worships you.  You should probably be aware that if she ever changes name, it's going to be to SpeeDee.

No but seriously, thanks for helping pace her.  She's so excited about running now!  You're the BEST!!!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Things Thursday

My FAVORITE day of the week is BACK!

1)  In response to all your comments...  WOW, I had not thought of reviewing the Go Girl product, but, I will keep it in consideration should I run out things to be neurotic about.  I mean, what could make a Mom feel more crazy than stopping to pee on a run, while standing up?  I'll have to be sure that I "practice" as the video suggests online, while wearing a running skirt.

2)  FOR the FIRST, and probably only, TIME in the HISTORY of my running, I FINISHED a race in the TOP 3!  Actually, to be accurate, I finished in the TOP!  Yes, you read that correctly, I ran the RYS Virtual Half Marathon... and WON!  (because TMB was race director and took herself out of the running)  So stoked though, because I won some NUUN, and I'm excited about trying it this weekend on my long run to see how it treats my stomach!

3)  My children are making me crAzy.  My oldest children are totally NOT following directions these days, and when I ask them why, they say it's B's fault.  While I stand there and lecture them about taking responsibility for their own actions, I know in the back of my head that it's completely unfair.  B is capable of taking a perfectly calm and sane situation, and stirring it into madness in 6.5 seconds or less.  Like throwing chum into shark infested waters.  I guess, in that analogy B is the chum.  The phone number to CPS (Child Protective Services) is (804)5....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The First week of class is done.  9 to go.  If I was counting, which I am.

I have a very strong opinion about my professor, but I will choose to keep it for myself for a few weeks.  Perhaps I've judged too soon, perhaps I will change my opinion, perhaps...

Any HOO.  She's from the midwest... and she says words that are not grammatically correct... like, putting a T on the end of a word that ends in ck... or... putting a ck on the end of a word that ends in T.  Makes. me. nuts.

And... for a minute there I forgot I was keeping my opinion to myself....  so, where was I?  It's a 16 week course, condensed into 10 weeks.  I knew it was going to be intense.

Perhaps "intense" is not an intense enough word.  No matter WHAT you call it, she has a lot of expectations.  I love expectations, when they're achievable.  But.... for example, she gave us 2 days to read and outline 60 or so pages.  Sure, I can read 60 pages, if there's not going to be a test.  But, there IS going to be a test, so... I'm just saying, she might want to lower her standards, or, come to grips on the fact that I am not the BIONIC student, and neither are the other students in the class.  Yea, go ahead, ask me if I did the reading.  Of course I did, but I really felt that I skimmed it to the point of uselessness.  Next time she gives that assignment on a Monday that's due on Wednesday, I'm going to take really good notes on 50% of the chapter instead of trying to write light notes on 80% of the chapter.

Wordless Wednesday

 My birthday gift from my husband....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Be A Hater

An OPEN letter to DHB

Dear Dark Haired B*tch Who Sits in Front of the Class,

Don't be a hater.  

Neurotic Sahm

I hate mom's who judge.  How hypocritical of me, huh?

Seriously though ladies, we're not here to judge how other moms "do it".  So what if another mom is screwing up left and right, who's to say its not working for her?  The really savvy moms out there, like me, don't waste time judging.  No ladies, what you need to do is LEARN from the other moms.  See what they do.  Try their stuff out.  See what does and doesn't work for your Mom-style.  Seriously, if I judged people's parenting, I might have missed out on some of life's greatest treasures... like calling salmon "pink fish" so your pink obsessed girl will eat it...

But tonight, at class, I got "THE LOOK" and "SNARKY COMMENT" from DHB.  Oh yes, I saw her give me the "look" as she condescendingly said, "I cannot join your study group, I have a son and, unlike some people, I can't give up any time with him to spend studying outside my home."

Oh.  Oh.  No.  She DID NOT just go there.  Mr. Nice Guy heard it too, and he agreed that it was unnecessarily snooty.  It was definitely aimed at me though.  My reply could have been SO unpleasant... but instead I used the tactic of saying one thing, and meaning something else.

What I said?  In a very pleasant tone, "Oh yes, as a mother of three children I can really relate to that feeling."

I wonder if DHB heard what I REALLY meant?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 days

This weekend I raced ran two races.  That's a new one for me.  So, why, when it's my wedding anniversary, would I run a 5K in the middle of the afternoon?  Weeeeeeeell...

Today C ran her first 5K, and at her request, I went with her.  Her little brother G also tagged along, as well as KB&L a few girls from various girl scout troops that we know.  The Moms of the girls found out we were running, and I invited the girls to tag along.

C's Race Photo, getting ready to walk to the start!
So my plan was to be the "chase car" and just run a few feet behind her.  Since I ran a Half Marathon yesterday I figured just running a 5K at a 12 min/mile sounded fun and ridiculously easy.  Ha.  That's not how kids run.  But more on that later.

At mile .36 B of the KB&L team dropped out.  She saw her mom, and decided she needed her inhaler.  Safety first.  And then... there were 4.

L, g, K, G, and C running past my mailbox, which is on the course.

I offered to pace them all at an easy 11:30/12 minute pace.  What they did instead was run an 8 min pace for 5 minutes, then walk... then run a 7:30 for 3 minutes, then walk...  then run a 10:09 for 5 minutes... then walk... then...  SO, I ended up bringing up the rear with G, who really struggled because he would have been better off listening to me and just running easy at that 12 minute pace.....  Poor kid, completely untrained.  Anyway, it was a 5K, so before we knew it we were at mile 2.  At 2.5 we caught C.  K&L were just ahead of us (20 feet).  And I whispered to G, "you could beat C if you fight for it"... and he did kick it into high gear.  They all finished within a few seconds of each other.  K&L finished, then G, and then C and then... me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"I Didn't Taper"

 Today I woke up a year older.  I actually protest that thought, technically I woke up a DAY older, on the anniversary of my birth.  So.  As I was saying, TODAY I rocked the Rock Your Socks Half Marathon.

Happy 34th Birthday to me.  

Some people choose to sleep in, I choose to run.

ok, can I just say how awesome this photo makes me look, and that I love P90X?  I'm on week TWO.  
Any of you who are doubters, let me say that again, WEEK 2.
TMB & I started at an easy pace, chatting comfortably.  At some point I said I was a little worried about tanking during the race.  Three weeks ago I had a ba-ad experience with some GU that resulted in an emergency key hand off/car return to get me on the course.  The run was a 12 miler, and I was nervous about reaching mile 12 with nothing in me.  And T says, "Well, if you don't do well, no big deal, can always say, 'I didn't taper'."

At mile 5, the unthinkable happened, I found myself at the front of the pack!  Leading a Half Marathon!  I think I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the actual leaders were so far ahead of us that they had time to stop & use the restroom, visit with some spectators, and step back onto the course a few seconds after we passed them... within 2 minutes, the moment was passed and I was back in the middle of the pack.

Kudos to the race director for choosing a pleasant course.  There were enough gentle hills to make it interesting, but not so many to make you hate it.  It was a mix of big roads that gave way to neighborhoods that lead us to country lanes that wound through scenic Glen Allen, VA.  The spring air was fragrant and the trees shaded our run with a glorious canopy of green.  Tall grass puffed in the breeze, waving their full seed heads at knee height.

It was lovely, the roads were generally free of traffic except for a few touchy spots and, ... "GET OF THE EFFIN' ROAD!!!"  Yea, well, no really good race report would be complete without an angry redneck, right?

Seriously though, we ran the first "half" at an easy conversation pace and we picked up our friends for the finish, so the 2nd Half was a 10K.  Other than the hairy moment of sprinting over a set of train tracks just as the lights started to flash, it was not exciting, and as expected T pulled away.  Not a huge surprise there.  She's a strong runner.

At mile 9/10ish *I don't know where, I decided to crank on the speed and catch up to T.  She was pretty close looking.  Yea, at that point she must've decided the same thing about the ladies ahead of her, because I turned up the speed, and she was just gone.  Then at around 11 Cookie arrived beside me to "catch T", which we gave some good effort on, but again, no.  Cookie did leave me though, and suddenly I realized, "hey, I'm at mile 12.85!  Wow, I REALLY should have put a little more speed on because I feel GREAT."  So I checked my watch and realized that... I could get a PR.  No seriously, an "easy run" suddenly was going to be a knuckle biter down to the wire race against the second hand (figuratively, of course) on my watch.  And I did.  I hit Garmin 13.1 at 2:06:23, a whopping 15 seconds faster than my previous Half record.

2:06:23 (PR !!!!) ... and I didn't even taper!

Friday, May 21, 2010

5 Things Friday

5 Things Friday!

1)  NOTHING in the world makes a runner more bad a** than having a point rider on a bike.  I promise.  Call your best non-running girlfriend for a bike ride/run and see what I'm talking about.

2)  Why do kids always get the best fortunes in their cookies?  Really, my 3 year old daughter always gets something profound about improving the universe without trying, and I get something like, "ancient chinese proverb says you have to pay for chinese food with cash to enjoy it most".  Really?

3)  The longer a chore is left undone, the longer it will be put off.  (aha - I should be writing fortune cookie fortunes.)  Any married woman with kids will confirm that is true.

4)  This is the last day I have as a 33 year old woman.  Tomorrow, starts the long slow count down to the "new box", as Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex in The City called it.

5)  Sunday H & I will have been married for 12 years.  So cool, because to me 12 years seems like a long time.  Something really worthy of celebrating.  Anyone can make it 2 years... but not every one makes it 12.  (yea, I know, some don't make it two, this is not a judgement, I don't judge.)  Every year for our anniversary, H & I have gone over the top to try to find a cheap item that matches the "YEAR" and doesn't break the bank.  It started this way because when we were first married, all we could afford to buy each other was a card (paper).  We'd just bought a house, with a new refrigerator... so... yea, "Happy Anniversary Dear".

Over the years the gifts I gave him ranged from the practical to the funny...  IRON (6th) a driver, which the guy at the sports store assured me could be referred to as a driving iron (golf club)... and Bronze (8th) was a "Bronzing" at a Spray Tan place.  Copper (7th) was a tube of CopperTone *he's fair and burns easily, it's the family joke.  Pottery (9) was a coffee cup.  Last year I bought him a $50 bottle of wine from a vineyard with the word Steel in it, and... something I choose not to mention in Blogland, but was Stainless Steel (11th).  So this year is SILK!!!  12!!!!  I'm super "stoked",  and super "wondering what am I going to get him that's SILK?"  I mean, it would be so easy for him, Step 1.  go into Victoria's Secret, Step 2 tell the lady you need anything size M that's silk.  Done.

I can't exactly do that, can I?  And he does not work in a tie wearing kind of job - no need for silk tie.  Wait a minute... Silk Sheets?  What do you think, would a man want silk sheets for his 12th anniversary?

In past years, when I've come up blank, I've done some crazy things like, for the year Aluminum/Tin (hello?) I got myself "internationally" waxed.  I figured, that was way better for him than a tin cup....

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I always promised myself that I would NEVER be THAT WOMAN who goes out in public looking a mess just "because she is a mother".  I swore I would never be her.

And then, yesterday when I walked in from pretty much the longest and worst day ever and looked in my mirror, I realized that somewhere, out in the world of Richmond VA, is a pregnant woman who saw me and thought, "I will NEVER be THAT WOMAN who goes out in public looking a mess...."

Yes, yesterday I was that woman.

ew.  Today is a NEW DAY.  I think I'll go get dressed.  In a running skirt.  Because frankly, anyone looks good in one, and I want to look nice today after yesterdays disastrousness.  (whew, spell check confirms that's a word).

Monday, May 17, 2010


Good judgment is the result of experience and experience is the result of bad judgment.                                                            

Today I signed up for the SportsBackers Marathon Training Team.  Yes, I plan to run 85% or more of my training runs with TMB, but let's be honest, she might not want to run 24 miles one Sunday morning, and since she's training for an 8K, I won't really blame her.  So, I figured a plan was better than no plan.

As far as I can tell Lady Em, SpeeDee, TMB, DeNiece & myself will be running a lot together this year, and you know what?  I'm so down with that....  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Freaky Dreams

I had a nightmare about DISNEY WORLD last night.


I dreamed that my family went there on vacation, but for some reason I was at the Disney World Grocery/Toy store (yea, it was a weird dream), completely unprepared, no list and no idea what I was supposed to be buying... and B was just running around getting into everything.  The scary was that I kept losing her in the store.

ON the UP SIDE:  AT LEAST I AM SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  P90X is awesome at exhausting me to within an inch of my life.  Which reminds me... I need to finish my Ab Ripper workout after the kids go to bed.  More on that later...

SO...  PROBABLY... this dream has nothing to do with Disney.  Or B.  And everything to do with getting prepared for next semester and finishing ALL the stuff on my TaDo list.  Uhg.  Can we just get there already?  (one more semester until the first of many applications to Nursing School is accepted, and then... more semesters of school to go.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 Things Thursday

1)  Today is Thursday the 13th.  This is completely unimportant unless you are COMPLETELY neurotic like me AND plan to run the Richmond Marathon....  which is in a mere 6 months.  What I learned last year marathon training is that the last 2 months before the marathon are the shortest 2 months EVER, and at the same time, the longest two months as one freaks about about NOT GETTING THE FLU or WORSE!

2)  A week into my "school vacation" and I'm feeling rested and ... no I'm not, that's insane.  Still, I don't hate Wednesdays as much when we don't have 9887 things going on at once.

3)  Running is sort of interesting.  I'm having a little trouble fitting in my miles.  The 4th day a week run is the one I'm missing, and while it's only 3-4 miles I'm skipping out on, I think... yea, pretty much, I think I miss THAT run the most.  Because all my other runs are long miles.  (6 being the shortest).  So, at least this one will be the easiest run to add to the morning run schedule, which starts in 2 weeks.  Why in two weeks?  Well, because I quit my JOB!  And now, if I want to shower after I send the kids to school instead of before they go (or after 2pm)... I can!  Ok.  So only a MOM celebrates when she gets to shower on her blog.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Dance

Having out of town guests is like performing a company dance.... you prepare, you choreograph, you rehearse, you clean the stage... you perform... you offer refreshments at intermission... if you are really REALLY lucky you'll have a good supporting cast.  From right to left and back again, you tip you slip you move your hip, you wrangle and wrestle and bustle about, you pack them in, and move them out.

Yes, out of town family can either be fun or disastrous.  Fortunately for me, my supporting cast is Tony worthy.  H gets MAJOR props for handling this weekend.

So on Friday my mother arrived in Richmond for a few minutes of fun with the kids.  Or, at least that's what it FELT like!  It's complicated, when your mother lives out of the country, you tend to squeeze in a visit anytime she's in the US, even when she doesn't really have time.  Poor Mom.  But she did a good job of coming up, visiting with her grandkids, her siblings, me, my H, etc and so forth, before darting back to my brother's graduation *congratulations brother on escaping ODU.

The interesting thing about THIS visit with mom, is that her sister Sara came in from CA with her husband Dan & they figured since they were on the Right Coast that they would make the trek up to RIC as well.  I like Dan.  I haven't seen him in years.  I was a Momof2 the last time we saw each other for a few hours, and the time before that - I was 17.  So, this is not a man I know that well.  Still, I liked him immediately.  Apparently Dan liked me too because he said to my mom that "other mothers should be parenting like g, her kids are SO WELL BEHAVED."

(a quick Shout Out to the Goddess of Well Behaved Children, I am pleased that you found my offering acceptable.)

But the MOST interesting this about this weekend was:  It was C's Dance recital!  These kids have only been doing Irish Step Dance for 9 months, and they pulled off the CUTEST show.  I'm trying SUPER hard to get the video I shot to upload, but so far... FAIL.  Anyway, my family all sat through a 2 hour dance recital for a 1 minute and 40 second performance!  Wow.  Well, I guess that's what differentiates family from other random strangers.  In the meantime, you will all have to settle for a photo of her in her costume while Kodak, MAC and BLOGGER all battle with eachother....  can't we all just get along?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here! I'm OVER HERE!!!


(that was the sound of me coming up for air).

Are we there yet?  No?  It's only Thursday?  Seriously?

WAIT a darned minute!  It's THURSDAY!  I LOVE THURSDAYS!!!  They're usually my favorite day of the week!!!  WHY?  Well... let me share with you:


1)  Thursdays are my favorite day of the week because NORMALLY I have NO after school activities planned!  Wednesdays we have 2 scouting activities and 1 dance class and one college class.  So.  Thursdays are like a breath of fresh air.  Today though, it's the FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL for C's IRISH Step Dance.  So, not so much "Breath of Fresh Air" as "Gasping heaving breath that is drawn in as I sprint to the car after shellacking C's hair into a cement bun covered in a wig and drive 30 minutes away".

2)  FINAL EXAMS ARE OVER.  Grades will be posted next week.  YAY.  I'm really hoping for my 4.0 to stay unblemished.

3)  AND, since exams are over....  I have TWO weeks OFF!!! (of school.  It's not like "Totally" off, because I'm still working, and I'm still a Momof3, and I'm having out of town guests, and traveling on the weekends, and have a race or two on the books, and have a birthday or something squeezed in there...).   BUT 2 weeks without homework sounds like SUCH A BREAK!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance Chaperones
Here we are, the Girl Scout MOMS who "hosted" the Father Daughter Dance.  Pay no attention to the time stamp, apparently it's off by a year!  LtoR: G., British S's Mom, my walking partner AL, Teacher Mom, and Fellow Camping Mom.  You KNOW I don't give real names that often, so I had to come up with some quick Bloggy Names!