Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Q

So, over the past few months many of you have enjoyed the wit and wisdom of my coach, and friend, Q.

For those of you who have been reading the blog a while, Q is the author of Taper Madness:  A letter to the Support Team.  His genius at handling the tapering marathoner is pretty much undeniable at this point, but he does more than just handle taper tantrums.  He apparently also handles the manic injured runner with grace, and knows exactly what words will most effectively calm those pre-race jitters (those words, if you wonder, are "TRY NOT TO SUCK").

Oh and, in between answering e-mails, volunteering his time and expertise, and building training plans complete with skippable runs, he enjoys running.

A lot.

Well, Q is about to undergo surgery to repair (insert a lot of sad words here with details I can't bring myself to type) in his foot.  So his training of late, has been for a different kind of marathon.  A marathon of mental stamina called "recovery".

And, lucky us, he was inspired to start a BLOG with his "down" time.

Go.  Stalk.  Follow.  Support.  and finally, Soak In the wisdom of Q, and know that he is the originator of the phrase "Galactically Bad A**".


Rene' said...

Wow! I will have to go and follow.

Anne said...

He sounds like a wonderful person! I do hope recovery goes smoothly.