Sunday, February 13, 2011

Volunteering, Weirdness & Fankle Update

To be clear, Volunteering & Weirdness are TOTALLY unrelated.

Want to have a good time, but are injured or untrained or recovering or not interested in running a hilly 8k?

1) Go to your local race website.
2) Click a race you do not have any interest in running.
3) Click the button that says, "Volunteer".
4) Show up and have fun.

It's just THAT EASY.

So obviously my morning was not a bust.  There is something great about runners, milling around in a room, picking up their packets & race numbers.  Smiles and cheerfulness, with some nerves, some dread, and some encouragement.  Yes, truly, it's good stuff.  It was like a family reunion in some regards, you see your pals long enough to say Hi, How's it Going? and then they move on, and you move on to your next Pal.  Pants Guy, Iron J, 3L, Coach El, Kara... and I made new friends with the really amazing runner seated to my Right (Mandy, can you say AWESOME?).  Yea, it was fun.  Go volunteer, and see what I'm talking about.

Then we had our weird 12+ miles.  We met at a weird time, because of my volunteering duties.  The Illusive Dave joined us, as did Lisa, T, and 3L drove over from the race as well.  We set out, looped the loop, and I made a wrong turn.  Weird for me. We corrected, but now my milage is off... and I was in charge of the route, only I didn't have one because I had adjusted at the last minute for 3L's joining.  I'm such a planner usually.  Thank goodness though, T wasn't feeling well, she's had a stomach bug thingy and we were able to drop her back at the cars w/ 3L.

As we were about to get back to drop T & 3L at their cars, some guy with a Bull Horn type intercom in his Red Neck SUV announces, "Your outfits are weird".

Your outfits are weird?  Really?  That's the best sentence your 8th grade education could produce?  Sure, why not.  Our outfits were hot.  Need proof?

After these photos Dave, Lisa and I took off again... and looped the loop.  And down another road, back up, drop Dave and then... Lisa and I looped the loop again.  Yea, by the end of it I never wanted to see THAT road again.

I had picked the start location based on running up to Twickory and Wyndham for a 10 mile route, but since we had to produce a 6, 4, 2 to get 12... well, a solid 10 mile loop was a bust.  Still it was a good run, we had a nice time, made nice time and the fankle only hurt for the last 3 miles.

Yea, it's like that.  SO, here's the New and Improved CFWP (Complete Fankle Wellness Plan).  I'm going to rest it a little more this week.  Yea.  Forget "Skippable runs, you can only run one".  This week I will run ZERO skippable runs.  I hate that, but it just needs to happen.  Be proud, I came to this on my own.

So T/Th/Su run, with 2 solid Swims and 2 solid Bike adventures, with the possibility if I use selective timing, I can pool some doubles... 7 days of cardio/week with several doubles for the last 17 days is actually starting to produce some results around my midsection, the muffin top breakup has been very successful.  Oh, but don't worry, the body fat % measurement on the scale still says I'm bordering on OBESE, so I still have plenty to be neurotic about over here.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

My scale has a body fat number as well, but I've decided it only works for men. My husband has a great # and mine just seems high.

You guys looked fantastic in your outfits!

Anonymous said...

Volunteering IS fun! Especially when you know people racing.

Love the pictures!

MCM Mama said...

I just use the body fat number on my scale as a relative number LOL. I only worry about it if it goes up and doesn't come back down in a day or two. I think Just trying is right - I carry all my extra weight in my lower half (like most women) and my number seems way too high.

I volunteered this morning too. I enjoy it almost as much as racing...

Rene' said...

i think that you look so awesome in your skirt. I hate those body fat scales (mine seems a little high as well). i of course then hyper focus on them, must be my bit of OCD. (hahaha)

Jen said...

Adorable outfits. Borderline obese... my butt.