Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday: the Ad nauseum Edition

More correctly The + NAUSEOUS edition.

1)  If you ever sprain your ankle, and your friend sees it happen, don't let her tell you what she saw 3 weeks later.  'nuff said.

2) Speaking of things that make me nauseous.  I'm experiencing a full response of my autonomic/sympathetic nervous systems... aka, FIGHT OR FLIGHT.  Only... I can't flight, which is making the adrenaline hang out.  My fankle won't let me, and even if it did, the training plan is very specific.  Screaming cuss words doesn't seem to help, and I can only send so many pithy notes into cyberspace in the hopes that the adrenaline can actually be successfully e-mailed away.  actually, I don't really do pithy.  I do rambling and aimless.  The response trigger was Sunday, when I took C to the ER.  Not the ER, or C, but all the (*) that went with it.  (*insert lots of not blog friendly details here, drama drama, does anyone remember the pencil lead in the hand incident?  Yea, so, I'm a little over the H drama at this point and it's just keeps going and going and...)  Anyway, the short of it is that I ended up missing lunch completely, and then not eating much on Sunday at dinner.  Add not feeling hungry on Monday.  or Tuesday.  or Wednesday.  So, yesterday I went to the grocery store.  I figured a trip through the bakery... that would get me into food again.  No.  Fail.  And DOUBLE FAIL was that I actually dry heaved while waiting at the deli counter.  But the TRIFECTA of FAIL was when I bent over to pick up an item off a lower shelf, and stood up... only, my jeans didn't exactly come with me. 

Yea, speechless right?  S'OK, because so was the poor Kroger employee who works on the bread aisle. 

3)  Adding insult to fankle injury - it was freaking 70 Degrees here in RVA yesterday.  70, sunny, and beautiful = perfect running weather.  Well, on my gba-plan the box for 2/2 said "swim/bike". 
not 4 miles easy. 
not 5 miles MRP +15. 
no, it said "swim/bike". 
So forgive me if you live in RVA and I drove past you yesterday in my 'effing beige minivan...  yea, that was me, and I was glaring at you as I drove by.  Well, I wouldn't have been glaring if you all hadn't looked so smug.


Holly said...

It was a nice day yesterday! I like you didn't get to run outside as the hubby wasn't home in the morning and I didn't have anything to do with the littles except go to the gym. I am sorry about the Kroger experience, and I hope the fankle gets better soon so you can enjoy the weather to come!

Jen said...

ROFL.... about your jeans! I think I would have snapped a pic of that employee!

Still lifting up your ankle and praying for fast healing!

Rene' said...

hahahaha about your jeans! I am sure the Kroger guys was thrilled. I am glad that you had a good run today:)

Kelly said...

Sorry G about my witnessing your ankle injury. I didn't think much about it at the time, other than saying "Yikes, are you okay?!". My ankle injury knowledge is very small up until now.......ugh! You WILL get through this "mess"....and me too!