Sunday, February 20, 2011


TODAY was the SECOND twenty miler of my National Marathon oh, yea.  I have a fankle injury and I'm not running more than 4 miles at a time.  THATs OK, because that is not going to stop me from joining the GBA** posse for a 20 miler!


Holy Hot ORANGE or WHITE Road bikes Batman!

Kc & I threw our bikes in our cars and headed out to join T as her bike "escorts"!  We looked a bit like really giggly secret service agents, dressed in all black on our Road Bikes...  for the most part we rode on the street pacing T on the sidewalk for the first 4 miles where we picked up Lisa.

It was cold, and riding a bike at the speed of a runner doesn't get the biker warm, even if the runner's as GBA** as T.

But it was WORTH IT.  I took a bunch of pics, handed the camera off a few times to ensure variety (well, and I was reading the route, so someone else could play photographer while I stared at 38 lines of route direction).

We picked up Iron J at mile 10!  More giggling.  Kc and I stretched out and rode ahead a few times for the sake of... well, stretching out and riding hard really.  It was SUPER fun.  The hills were super fun.  The company was super fun.  Is riding a bike just SUPER FUN?  I. had. no. idea.

I did get my buzz today. The photos are terrible, I'm FFFFfreezing!  I look fat.  I'm wearing 20 layers (one for every mile).

But you know what?  It was worth every cold second.  For the bits of the "run" where Kc and I had to book-it through traffic and up hills, I felt AMAZING.

I would like do that again.

Tomorrow.  In fact...



Jen said...

Very cool. I loved that you still did your 20 today! Hehe!

You are a great friend... a GBA friend.

Pam said...

How freakin' cool is it this?!

Le sigh...

Why can't I live in VA?

Oh wait. It's because of your state income tax and crazy personal property tax. Nevermind. lol

Anonymous said...

you don't look fat! you looks GBA!!! especially with the mirror on your look so legit now!

Ray said...

What a great friend you are!

Thanks for checking on my Austin marathon. Without giving you the full recap here (I will post it at some point), it wasn't the race I had planned. Throwing up on the course really wasn't planned but I still finished. I am immensely disappointed and have already decided on doing another because I know I can do better. I didn't want you to think I was that pathetic of a runner!

Amy W said...

Sorry, don't know why my last comment used the wrong profile, I am obviously having one of those days!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are a GOOD friend.. Hang in there...