Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey ya'll,

Don't tell anyone, but I'm thinking of breaking up with my Muffin Top.  Yea, we broke up last year for a few months, and I swore I would never let MT back in... but then I got injured, and it's really hard to keep MT away when you're sitting on your a** feeling sorry for yourself eating cupcakes and holiday cookies 5 hours a day.  Of course, now that MT is back, I have to think that MT doesn't add anything except drama to my life.

Are these pants going to fit?

Even if they do fit, is MT going to be the main feature?

Am I going to feel bad about my body if I put them on this morning?

Can I afford to feel bad about myself at 6:15am?

Yea, I'm sure you can see why I would want to let MT go.  ~sigh~.  But in the meant time, keep this on the down low, because frankly, I think that MT's feelings are going to get hurt, and you know what happens when you have hurt feelings?  Cupcakes.  That's what.



kat said...

Hey I won't breathe a word, but some people deserve to have their feelings hurt and MT is one of them!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I keep trying to break up but MT is a real stalker!!

Jen said...

do P90x with T... it will get rid of MT for sure.

Julie said...

i'm with ya. walked by the mirror and greeted MT this morning. BOOOO!

Anne said...

Your post made me smile :) ...kick that MT's butt!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I love this post!
You nailed the self-talk that I'm sure we all go through.