Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Eve

Summer Vacation is too long.  I mean, I love my children, I do but...  I understand from other people that a BLOG is NOT an appropriate place to sell them to a good home.  Tempted to list them as free, but frankly after all this "summer fun" we're beyond broke and I could use the cash.

I'd love to ponder the weight of the world today, and the tropical systems that are threatening my running plans (OH and my sis, & peeps down on OBX etc and so forth) and all that, but today is sort of like the last week before Christmas.

I need to make sure I've got everything "wrapped" for the big holiday on Tuesday.  I have a list and haven't even checked it ONCE, and I have a baaaaaaaad feeling I'm going to end up at a giant box store specializing in Retail Discounts.

I need to call my pediatrician so I can get a letter for my son's file saying he has hearing loss and if he's ignoring his teacher, he probably just can't hear her.

And remember the other day when I ran 18 miles and did the laundry?  Well I was so tired that what I have now is piles and piles of clean (some of it folded) laundry in the hall waiting to be put away... what's that?  Yes, My kids ARE old enough to help, but THAT is another post for another day....

Happy Wednesday.


Jen said...

I hear ya! I ready to have my day back. And I am sure your kids aren't that bad!

As far as the laundry... BRIBES work well!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

What? Kids can HELP with the laundry? Are you serious? Did you get them drugs first? What kind?

Oh! We'll be in Va this weekend! just sayin'