Wednesday, September 8, 2010

un-quotable quotes

In school this semester I'm taking 2 online courses and 1 in class course...  The online courses are BIOLOGY 101 and WORLD RELIGION.  With BIO you still have to report about 6 times over the course of the semester and do labs.

Well this Friday I have a lab, and I have to pick a lab partner.  It's going to be tough, but I thought I might have some good ideas for who I'll mesh well with after reading some of the posts.  It's like a blind date, only it's a "blind lab partnering".

Here are a few of the high points from the discussion board so far:

Nature don't need mans help doing what it does naturally.   (student #1)

Grief Child! You are not a raving lunatic! (Student #2)

It's my goal to run a marathon by next year. I did the pink power tri on sunday. It was my first tri ever and it was awesome. I've been a runner my whole life, I've just never made it to the whole marathon. I'm running a relay race in sept. from western MD to DC. I would love to talk to you about training advice for a marathon. I over did it for the tri and hurt my knee but powered on anyway. (Student #3) hold on there... I think I've found my new lab partner.  

Of course, now I need to meet her on Friday before she picks another partner, hope she likes me, and not come on "too strong".  Seriously thinking about walking around the class looking for a student with a road ID.


Silly Girl Running said...

Hahaha! Too funny!

Rene' said...

it's meant to be:)

Anne said...

It'll happen :)

Pam said...

A match made in Heaven!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

That is so funny!!

That relay she is doing sounded great! I talked with the people organizing the runners when I was trying to get Hubbs to "let me." I so need to give him a lobotomy!

racing dawn said...

That's so great. Love runners, we're all the same... :) I'm sure the meeting will go great!