Thursday, September 16, 2010

slumpty dumpty sat on a couch

OK, so I've been getting up early (and I mean early) and running some serious miles all summer.  For the most part, it went really well and I was a highly functioning individual most days of the week.

But now that school has started, I'm exhausted.  By 1:30.  Every day.  And I mean EXHAUSTED.  Yesterday I just sat down on the couch, and woke up an hour later!  So not like me.

Today, the same thing would have happened but I was at a friend's house and she pushed a Diet Coke into my hand and said, "you need this more than I do."

So I want... no, I need to know:  How do you all beat the "got up at 5am to run" mid-afternoon slump?

Or, if you don't get up at 5am but still run into this... how do you beat the "post lunch" slump?

*I'm not pregnant.


Anne said...

Naps rock :)

abbi said...

Caffeine and a walk...I sit in front of a computer all day at work and the fresh air on the walk helps me!

P said...

I don't have time to nap! I'm lucky if I get to sit on the couch. But then again, I go to bed by about 8:30! :-)

momof3 said...

I don't have time to nap either, except 1 day a week I could probably squeeze it in... I'd like that day to be Sunday's after my 20 milers.