Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bored versus boring

The longer I'm a stay at home mom the LESS conservative I am becoming.  Dunno what that's all about, but I definitely am more liberal today than I was in 2000 when I gave birth to my kiddo.

Is it the fact that I spent 10 years thinking about who I am, where as, ten years ago I just sort of thought I believed what someone, probably on TV, told me I believed?  Is it that I'm a runner, which has made me self aware down to every breath I take for a few hours or more of each week?  Really, I've changed in many ways.  Physically, emotionally, heck- even what I wear has changed!

I used to only wear jeans or pants and wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt unless it came down to my ankles.  I have photos of me sitting on a porch in JULY in CHESAPEAKE VA (read that in 'effing HOT weather) in jeans.  The people I worked with used to go on these "mini makeover rampages" where they'd stuff me into a dress and drag me off to the church dinner with friends.  Usually in a misguided attempt to introduce me to "someone".  I don't often relate to teenybopper books, but I can tell you that Stephanie Meyers really nailed Bella on the head.  Still, my Bella-esque cringing aside, I now wear a short skirt about 80% of the time, and I am working hard to figure out how to wear one 95% of the time, but there are just times when a running skirt is hard to pull off.  Like parent teacher conferences.  Unless your kid's teacher is a runner... man wouldn't that be SWEET? ...  oh, but we're getting off topic here.

BUT HERE is the REAL thing that is making me WEIRD MYSELF OUT:

I've been thinking about getting some ink.  Yea.  Um.  I've lived my whole life as an anti-tat individual.  I swore I would never never get a tat.  I mean, you go right ahead with that sh*t, but I'm not into it on me.  And yet, for some reason it has been floating around in my head recently.  The only thing is, I haven't dreamed one up that is as unique as I am and says what I want it to say... which is "Bad A** Mother" and "Spiritually Enlightened Runner" all at the same time...

Mom, ever insightful, says, "I think without running you would be bored."  And my first thought was, "or boring".  And maybe that's all this is... an attempt at not being BORED.  or BORING.

So, I will wait 365 days, and if I am still thinking about ink, then, I'll do it then.


kat said...

Loved that post, one thing I've learnt as I get older, is that we all change,develop and do things we thought we never do, I say embrace the tattoo!

Jen said...

I got inked in May when I went to West Palm Beach with my friend.

I got: "God is love" in Hebrew... since for me that is the message of the Old Testament (hence Hebrew) and really the message of the bible.

I am thinking about getting more ink... it can be addictive. I got mine on my right wrist. I want a sunflower with my kids names as the leaves... and I want something in Greek... for the new testament (can you tell I am in ministry).

Good luck... and I am glad you are waiting so it won't be something rash... like a moon on your butt... yeah, my friend got that in college. Too funny!

Oh... any yes, since I haven't run in 10 days... I have become BORING... and BORED actually.

Anne said...

You've nailed it in this post. It is amazing the growing we do in 10 years...and it keeps on happening. The older you get the more authentically yourself you become :) Good idea to wait a what feels you!

Pam said...

I got inked in 2004, and I really want to get more. I just don't know what or where.

Chele said...

I think our time in forced jeans and long sleeves no matter the weather has scared us for life. My skirts go to my knees if I wear them at all (I also have a love/hate relationship w/ the shape of my knees). As for the ink, waiting is good. Also get it somewhere you can cover and not everyone can see unless you decide they can (unless it is BIG). The ones on my chest took me 10yrs to decide on because they would be visible. Get something unique, make sure you know what you want BEFORE you go in. I look through tattoo mags, websites etc to get ideas than make up my own. A good tat artist can also draw you something from an idea. Though the pinup girls on my leg are direct Vargas copies, the backgrounds are mine & make them unique.

S Club Mama said...

I want ink. My husband hates tattoos. BUT I want our sons baby feet prints on my feet with their names & birthdays. Only problem is, what if we have more kids?

Jessica said...

ahhh i can SO relate to this post in lots of ways. when i was 19 i had an urge like this and went with it. i got a tattoo on the inside of my right ankle. it's the symbol of "the man in the maze" ...which is a native american story about the journey of life and it just really spoke to me...anyway my tattoo is a little larger than a quarter and i still really love it. that was 15 years ago and i have not regretted it and i have not had the urge to get another until last year. i am still thinking on it...because even though i tend to be impulsive about some things (shopping in target kills me!) with others i try to really think it over. i am contemplating getting a tattoo of a moon snail (also called a shark eye) seashell on the inside of my wrist. it would be tiny. just can't decide if i should go for it but i imagine since it has been on my mind for so long maybe one day i will. one thing i have done is draw it on myself with a pen or sharpie and see how it feels...what i think of it. maybe you could try that? sorry for the loooong comment!!

Julie said...

i'm getting one after the Portland Marathon. Something 26.2 -ish on my ankle or foot or something. thinking about a flower and I'll add a petal for each marathon I complete. I thought I was conservative...but maybe, not really.