Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Things Thursday

1.  The kids LOVE school, they LOVE their teachers, and they LOVE their classmates.  I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Here they are on their first day of school waiting for the bus.
G insisted that his hair be spiked, and he wants to get it cut into a mo-hawk.  I'm thinking about it.  

2.  My running is going REALLY well this week.  Like REALLY well.  I am thrilled with today's "pace run", even though I struggled a bit on one of the miles, it was completely up hill...  and I am starting to BELIEVE that my UBER marathon goal is totally DO-ABLE.  This weekend I have a SLOW 18 miles.  It will be slow (in my run-slow-to-run-fast ZONE), because my hamstring is making noise after the fast run days, and after today HamString deserves a few slow runs.

3.  Speaking of running, the hours are getting earlier and earlier.  This morning I was done with my run by 6:30am, and putting my kids on the bus when another running group I know ran by!  And, for a breath of air, I was really tempted to go run them "in", I mean, I was wearing my runningskirt and shoes...  but I didn't because I really did need to go inside and get my day going!  So, to the runners who came past my bus stop at 7:30 - GOOD FOR YOU!  You all looked awesome, and strong, and I'm proud to have been invited to join your group today, I just can't run that late!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job getting your run in! I bet it feels great to know its done and out of the way that early in the day

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

That is crazy! You were done at 6:30. Wow. I'd have to find a way to be in bed at 9 pm to get up that early. It must be soooo great to get it in that early.

Anne said...

The kids look the pink hat :)

You are such an early impressed!

Silly Girl Running said...

Good luck on that 18 miler! :)