Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where Have I BEEN?

Well, I'll tell you where I haven't been.

I haven't been sitting on my couch.

This week for school I had 1 paper, 1 test and 64 (yes, that's a SIX in front of the FOUR) pages of reading.  So, I was at my computer.

G had a birthday, which entails a "Family Birthday Party" and a "Kid Birthday Party".
So, I was cleaning the house or at the store buying party supplies and Cupcakes from Two Sweet Cupcakes.

I have run 30 miles so far this week, with another 20 miler ahead of me tomorrow.
So, I was running.

I had 3 pieces of paper to collect for my Nursing School application that were due by Oct 1.
So, I was running ~only this running was done in the Beige Minivan.

Today, after running, I expected to be home all day catching up on laundry & chilling out before my 20 miler tomorrow, but G (age 8) started throwing up in a VERY alarming way at 9am this morning.
So, I spent a few hours at the ER.

Over all, it's been one of those weeks where I'm too busy to blog.  I swear, I will be better next week.  In fact, I bet tomorrow's 20 will be enough entertainment for it's very own blog post.

(Very icky details below, those who are sensitive to bodily fluid details should just skip reading it.)
G is fine, by the way, or at least, he's going to be fine.  He has a nasty GI bug that threw us for a loop.  We don't know exactly what caused the complications, but here's the thing:  If your kid throws up brownish blood, it's not considered a big deal by the Ped.  If your kid throws up bright RED blood, like G did this morning, it's a "throw clothing on yourself & your kid, and get in the car ASAP because you needed to be at the ER already" reaction from the Pediatrician.  And thus, the reason I have wet uncombed hair tied in a bun, and a "Virginia is for Lovers" T-shirt on today.


bobbi said...

oh no - I hope G is back to 100%soon...very scary!

Pam said...

Oh my GOSH, I know that had to have scared the crap out of you! Glad everything's okay.

MCM Mama said...

Poor G! How scary!

I thought my week was crazy, but you've completely trumped me. Completely.

momof3 said...

MCM - If my week trumped yours, it's ONLY because of the ER. You are an awesome multitasking mom (AMM not as cool as MCM), and I bow to your greatness.

Earth Momma Mer said...

OMG! That sounds seriously scary but I'm glad everything worked itself out. Wishing you an awesome 20 miler in the am!!!

kat said...

Wow, sounds like you had a hell of a week, glad things were okay with G, good luck with your 20 miler.

P said...

Busting out a 20-miler is probably going to feel like a cake walk compared to the rest of your week - yikes! I sure hope G is feeling better and nobody else in your family gets the icky bug.

Anne said...

Yikes! That would have definitely gotten be to the ER stat...glad everything should be okay.

What a crazy busy week you've had...perhaps the 20 miler will actually turn out to be relaxing.