Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ath backwards

Today I ran into a friend of mine as I finished my run.  We chatted for a second, and he asked what I had done this morning.

"I did a little over a mile swim and a 4 mile run.  Feels great to be running again."  I was ~high~.

"OH!"  His face blossomed into a huge smile.  "Hey, today is my first day of Iron Man training and we're doing a 2000m swim and 4 miles!  You're right on track!"

"Oh no, that's my thing, I'm no Triathlete.  Actually", I mused, "I don't even know that there's much -lete after my Ath these days..."

He disagreed.

But I can't really get into that....


dani said...

Pish-Posh! There is a ton of "lete" in you!!! i think what makes someone an athlete is their desire to crush their goal despite all odds against them or even with success on their side.

bobbi said...

I'm curious how you justify calling yourself "NOT a triathlete" - you swim, you bike, you run, yes?

I disagree as well :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Clever as always!

I agree with bobbi and your friend. you are.

Jen said...

Love how your mind works!

Anonymous said...

Love the title of the post. It sounds to me like you are a natural for triathlons. You have the swimming down, and to me that has got to be the hardest part. I have always wanted to do a triathlon but I hate swimming and only just kind of, sort of like biking. Not a good start. :)