Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tomorrow I slog

I have days where I "rally!" and can embrace the pool with sadistic GLEE.

It's just that today isn't that day.  Today I hate the pool.  And yet, tomorrow I slog.  I will get up before the sun, eat something light, and go to the pool for more torture.  I will beat myself until I can barely stand.

My heart craves a run.  My head tells my heart to get over it.  My run tells me it's not speaking to me until next Saturday, so don't bother calling or 'just showing up'.

I just want to run.

But I cannot.


Tomorrow I slog.  Because I must.  I have to.  It's what Those People tell me I should do to stay strong.  The Q agrees it will keep me fit so I can step back into my run.  Even Harry Potter says he's done it, and he's pretty much ~ epic.  But don't tell him I said that, or that I named him Harry Potter, but if this isn't Hogwarts, I don't know what is.....

And so what now?


Tomorrow I slog.  Because, I must.


Jill said...

Way to do it...even if your heart isn't fully in it. Sorry you can't run yet! Hope you get to soon!

Michelle said... more more week.

Char said...

One day at a time. And every day will be one day closer to when you can run.