Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fifth

Today marks the beginning of my 5th week without running.

That's a long time for me.

Without running and training, I have a hard time blogging.  It's a schedule like everything else in my life, so I have that going against me.  My schedule is off.  Additionally, when I'm warming up or cooling down is often when I come up with my best ideas.  My insights are driven by the things I see, hear, taste or feel... while running.

My writing outlet is, well, my other outlet.  So I am not producing any visceral writing.  Nor am I running.  This is a toxic combination.

As the weeks have gone by, I've become overly sensitive, obsessive, and anxious.

And cranky.

I know this for a fact because my H was kind enough to gently point it out to me.  ~um~  

Might have to rename the blog the Neurosis of the Slogging And Half-Crazy Marathoner of 3....


fancy nancy said...

Ugh! Does not sound fun...hang in there!

bobbi said...

...or maybe "Neuroma of a SAH Marathoner of 3 (Kids)"

I know you know this, but just to remind you - you are doing what you should. This is NOT permanent. You and your run and your writing will be reunited and all will be right in your world.

I hate all of this for you :(

(at least your H was gentle? hehe...mine would have just bluntly told me I was being a bitch. But then, he knows what I need to hear...)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I can understand the creativity that running brings but you are a skilled writer no matter what is keeping you active. That said, I know you don't want pity from me. Seeing how I am just salt in the wound.

As Bobbi said, it is not forever. Hang in there!

Jenny said...

I can't imagine going that long without running! You'll be back at it soon!

Char said...

I've just had to start at least a fortnight off running till I get to see a sports med doctor and then who knows how much time after that. So obviously the challenge is to stay sane and to try not to kill anyone in the next little while.

Marie said...

Aww....hang in there! You'll be back to running soon. I've had to take weeks off too and I know it's hard, but perhaps you can put time into something you never seem to have time for because of all the running/ training?