Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Personal Ad VS The Resume

I am in the process of beating my head against a solid wall writing my resume.



If this was a creative writing exercise I would be in heaven.  But it's not, it’s a …

Wait just a darned minute.  

Yeah, it totally SHOULD be a creative writing exercise.

I have a friend who’s really far more clever than I am who believes, “there really should be more space on a resume spent on life skills and personality traits than what nonsense you did in a different job...”

And you know what, she's right.

Now.  The only thing is... as I'm hashing through this creative writing exercise resume I realize that it reads... well, it kind of resembles a personal ad.

You know?  The gist of it goes something along the lines of:

"Galactically badass marathon running blogger enjoys trying new things.  Works best in fast paced dynamic environment.  Able to multitask.  Creative and goal oriented.  Mostly responsible, except on Tuesdays. Values punctuality."

*important safety tip:  resume writing should not be done when on a break from running.  the ego can't handle it.*


Scarlett Mother said...

make sure to include all the gba stuff you have volunteered to do. These things just add to your awesomeness. They also highlight your take charge, humanitarian, valuing your health lifestyle.
p.s. I love to edit so shoot me a copy if you want.

Char said...

I haven't had to write a resume since I left uni - about25 years ago. The thought would terrify me now. But having talked to a friend about it, a lot is factually naming things that you might think of as insignificant. You can do your kids hair while talking on the phone and making lunch - you're a great multi-tasker. You can get five children to 8 activities over the course of an afternoon - you have great organisational skills.

Marie said...

Writing, revising my resume is like giving birth. I haven't revised mine since oh.....the year 2000? I will soon be doing what you're doing now and I'm not looking forward to it. If I was a faster runner, I would love to be paid to run and to blog and to draw. Good luck!

Christina said...

I have to find my beautiful pre-kid resume and update it. The experts say to leave off everything before college, which will leave me with a pretty boring resume since I got pregnant and stopped working, volunteering, and doing extracurriculars when I was 20. You'll have to let us know how much space you dedicate to life skills and personality traits. Good luck to you!