Sunday, May 11, 2008

Champagne and Grilled Cheese

Whoever writes these cheesy sappy mother's Day cards for Hallmark has obviously never had a toddler.  Motherhood is a full contact sport.  Hell, most of us at some point in our mothering day wish for shoulder pads and helmets.  (Actually, that explains a lot of the 80's styles, doesn't it?).  What is that saying, "Life isn't all Champagne and Roses?"  Well, for lunch today I am having champagne and grilled cheese, and I'm considering what a true mothers day card should say.  My centerpiece on the table while I eat is 18 month old B-ridge, who is eating off her sister's plate.  I know.  I should get her down, but somehow I feel it might ruin the moment.

A real tribute to motherhood cannot be wrapped into a tidy little white card with a purple orchid scanned onto the front.  No gentle poetry that speaks of eternal love, adoration and appreciation could possibly reflect my feelings on motherhood.  Nor could anticdotes skinned knees and soothing bedtime stories about bears and princesses.  And, as I sit here covered in tomato soup (not mine), warm buttery grilled cheese (also not mine), and watermelon kisses (, neither does the phrase, "more beautiful than ever".  I mean, seriously, what could be less beautiful than a woman in constant need of a shower?  

Nope.  If real beauty lies with in, or in strength of character, then I guess, I would be more beautiful than before when I was caught up in superficial beauty and shaved underarms.  I guess my Mother's Day card to read as follows...

"Happy Mother's Day Mom, to a woman who possesses less superficial beauty, and more iron willed determination than before I came along.  I love that you're my napkin, my 'leapfrog' learning tool, and my sweet snuggle on rainy Sunday afternoons.  I wish you were more of a leader and less of a dictator, but never the less, I will smother you in sticky toddler kisses from now until I'm 8, when it's no longer cool to give kisses at all."

Happy Mother's Day!

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TMB said...

my feelings exactly! happy mother's day G!