Monday, May 12, 2008



So, as I'm sure you can see, my mother's day didn't end with champagne and grilled cheese after all.  It ended with a florescent B-ridge covered from forehead to chin in a bright red rash and a a dose of Benadryl.  *when I say bright red, what I'm saying is "not humanly possible to be that color".  She looked like she smeared red lipstick all over her face.  

It was instant.  Five bites of Eggplant Parm over whole wheat pasta for dinner = rosy cheeks.  Wait... are those hives spreading down your back?  My wonderful pediatrician, whom I love and will recommend 100X over to anyone with ears, says that she believes that this child has a "limit" to the amount of citric she can have in one day.  So, fresh pineapple, watermelon for breakfast, followed by apple sauce for a snack and tomato based for dinner is bad.  I just didn't think about it.  We were having a healthy day today, or 90%... not sure where grilled cheese comes into play on that scale... but still!  We ate fresh ORGANIC fruit, followed by french toast topped with cream cheese, cereal for a mid day snack, lunch was grilled cheese all melted in butter- so... ok, still, not THAT bad if you're under the age of two.  And dinner was the aforementioned toxic parm.  And H says, "Well, she's eating it, she likes it, don't take it away from her!"  Followed by, "Ok, I'll just grab her another slice of pineapple out of the fridge, we know she'll eat that."

I really don't have time for this.  I'm not a good enough mother to have a child with food allergies.  I'm a casual fly by the seat of my pants mother who makes it up as I go along.  Mother's of children with food allergies have to plan everything from sun up to sun down.  So I'm a neurotic mother with a 18-month-old-less-than-20-pound-toddler who doesn't eat anything EXCEPT the foods she's allergic to....  how did this happen?  

I'm a good person.  I pay my taxes.  I never say no to anyone, unless they're offering drugs.  I learned to SEW this year.  I made a meal for my "archenemy" when she was in need.  I strive to be a yummy mummy, not a slummy mummy.  I cleaned my bedroom recently.  Karma says I'm due for something better than, "Your child can't eat tomatoes twice in one week." 

Blah.  Better go re-dose the Benadryl.

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