Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming OUT!!!

Oh whoa- Not what you think.  But, then again, what I'm about to say is pretty shocking, just not on the lesbian scale.  I'm coming out.  All this "freedom of running" talk is stopping now.  I'm not just running for the joy of it.  I'm running because....I'm training for a half marathon.  


I'm not doing it because I'm "beefy" and want to slim down, though that is probably as good a reason as any.  I mean, I AM beefy, and yes I want to slim down, but in all honesty, I want to prove myself.  I need to prove that I'm strong enough.  I need to prove it to myself.

I picked a race that I think would be fun.  It's in my home town, for one thing, so I thought I would have more fun running someplace familiar.  The local haunts, the bars I snuck into when I was underage, and - OMG- the first & last place I ever slapped a date across his face are ALL on the route.  I know.  How fabulous is THAT?  The next thought I had is that my hometown is FLAT.  Very very flat.  So, that's a bonus.  And, it's the Rock & Roll half marathon, which means that there's a band every so many miles, and that appeals to my ADHD.

My goals are simple.  1) finish the race in the time allowed.  2) run the whole race except when I'm walking.  3) see note 1 about finishing.  SO, that's that.  If I can't make goal 2, I have goal 1 to fall back on....  I have started the transition from short runs to longer runs, and I'm adding a 4th day to my running schedule.  Oh, and T, I was just on your blog and see that you are running the same race, so... um... I'll be pestering you with stupid questions for weeks on END starting, well... now.  :)

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