Saturday, May 3, 2008

So, sewing 101

OK, I have a problem.  I cannot say no.  To anyone.  Last night I took my 17 year old neighbor out and taught her to drive a stick shift.  For 2 hours, until 11pm.  Why?  Because she asked and I felt sorry for her Mom who was in desperate need of some Mojito Therapy.  Then today, to my son's kindergarten teacher.  First off, I have a mini crush on her- she's 26ish, fab looking, blond, and has this rich smooth voice that floats over you like warm caramel.  Secondly, she is a wonderful woman who nurtures 20 five/six year old children in a loving environment while teaching them....  So, that said, if she asks me to do something, I can't seem to stop myself from saying yes.  And that is why I'm learning to sew this weekend.

Any sane person would just write the whole thing off & get her a gift certificate to TAPS for her Teacher Appreciation Gift.  But no, not me- "That's what you want?  OK, if you could just send me a sample, no worries, I'll make you new chair pockets."  Um, G?  You don't know how to SEW!  Did you just offer to sew TWENTY chair pockets?  Why yes indeed.  On Kentucky Derby weekend?  Yes again.  Do you HAVE a sewing machine?  Actually, no.  Are you on crack?  (don't answer that question on the internet you fool!)

Ok, I'm off to the "races" here.  Gotta go find some scissors, so I can cut this snazzy blue fabric.  I'm borrowing a machine later tonight.  Oh crap, I forgot to buy pins at the craft store.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to need pins.  And thread too.... whoops!

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