Saturday, May 17, 2008

Must have been the skirt...

Yesterday I got my new running skirt in the mail.  It's super cute, by "", and I admit, it's got a bit of sass to it.  It definitely reflects my style as a runner.  So this morning I put it on to run my 2nd 5K race.  I thought an 11 minute mile would work well for me, given that I am new to the sport and pushing a 20 pound sail.  And I looked like I belonged out there, in my SS T-shirt and my spunky new skirt.  I certainly looked the part.  I think there's something to be said for "dressing the part".

I started my watch when I crossed the start line, about 30 seconds after the other people in the race, because there were a lot of walkers to the front of the race.  This in itself is disturbing:  why does a person line up in front of a pack of jogger strollers if they intend to walk?  Another blog post perhaps can examine that...  As I was saying, my first 1/4 mile was me pushing through the pack of people.  I'm sorry, but a bunch of losers who can't figure out how to get out of the way for a jogger stroller aren't going to stop me from my 33 minute goal.  As it turns out, when we rounded the first turn and ditched the walkers, the 5 strollers who were weaving through behind me came up to 'thank me'  for muscling through.  Of course they all left me behind at that point.  I comfort myself with the knowledge that I'm sure they've been running a long time.  So, my first 1/2 was way above "pace" because I was power passing.  After that, I fell into a rhythm. 

It was not an easy race for me.  It was hilly and I was really running above pace.  At the first mile I was at 9:35, which means I made the novice runner mistake of starting way too fast- again.  But I tried to settle in and push through.  I all out sprinted the last 1/4 mile.  I was pounding for home, partly b/c I was too out of breath to look at my watch and I thought I wasn't going to make the goal.  Mostly because two of my neighbors were out there cheering on the corner and I was showing off.  I admit, I'm vain.  We knew this already. 

I finished in 30:30 (on my watch)!  My official time will be 30:58, which is certainly respectable.  Either way, I SO kicked a**!  I'm going to have to aim big for the next one... June 7th.  :)  It must have been my new skirt that gave me the boost.

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TMB said...

The skirts are magic! I never race without them. Plus, you look crazy hot out on the course! Awesome time! Can't wait to hear how the next one goes!