Saturday, May 3, 2008

C's got a girl-"CRUSH"

My daughter C has a girl crush, and I totally approve.  

This morning she met a woman who is a force of her own.  R owns a small business, Stroller Strides, and has been such a positive inspiration to me these last months.  I'm sure I have spoken of R frequently since starting SS, so I guess C must feel like she knows these fit women.  It didn't occur to me what kind of impact they would have on her impressionable young mind.  In the 5 hours since she met R, C has spoken of her at least 7 times.  I don't think she breathed on the way home from class, there was no time for that- she couldn't say enough things about R, and what R said, and how nice R is, and how R must like children because she was so nice to her.  And since we've been home, it's be the starting point of every conversation....  "Next week, at Stroller Strides, will R be there?", "R is really very pretty...", "You should give R this recipe, it's healthy....", and so on and so forth.

If C isn't going to idolize me, and let's face it- she's not, then I can't think of a better woman for my daughter to idolize.  It's a girl crush, and I'm OK with that... ").  

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Anonymous said...

WOW, I am honored!! I am so glad to make such a positive impression on your daughter! One of my goals is to help our young generation (esp girls) to learn about health and nutrition - feeling energized and healthy (and NOT about DIET and SKINNY). I am glad to see she was interested!! Thanks for making me smile!