Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I should have known...

I just want to open with- I should have known better.

We celebrated the big 10 with our traditional gift giving ceremony.  Or, nearly traditional.  Sean was so excited about the gift he got me that he waited till midnight of my birthday to give it to me.  My birthday is the day before our anniversary, so it was a really sweet attempt at giving a duel gift.  We have strict rules about duel gifts, but they're waived for big ticket items.  Like the emerald/diamond earrings he gave me a few years ago.  OK, so when you're married to a tech geek, you have to ignore the hints.  Because no matter what hint he gives, you're never going to guess what he gave you.  Here was the hint.  Keeping in mind that it was our 10 year anniversary.  "I got you something really expensive that goes in a very small box, and it's a combo birthday/anniversary gift".

I'm thinking, a 10 year anniversary ring.  Perhaps an emerald set on either side of a diamond (our wedding month & my birth stone).  Or, for years I've been hinting that I'd like my engagement band reset because it sits so high, *ha ha, the diamonds are THAT BIG, that I always catch it on things.  So, I thought maybe he'd done that, since my ring was in a different jewelry box, I rarely use it, I wouldn't miss it.  I was imagining a small velvet box.

I got a new Ipod w/ a NIKE+ chip.  Wrapped in a shoe box, well, wrapped is being a bit generous.  Placed in a shoe box and taped closed.  Yes, the chip IS small, and the i-pod was expensive.  But it wasn't a legacy gift like I imagined.  I pictured myself in my old age passing my ring to C's daughter, "Your Grandfather gave this to me for our 10 year anniversary." 

I should have known better.  I married a computer geek. 

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