Sunday, October 4, 2009

18 miles

Today was the first time I have ever run more than 15.85 miles in one shot.  And what's even cooler about that stat, is that I was doing "OK" until mile 17.3 when my legs turned to lead.  Meaning, I was holding a respectable pace, feeling pretty good in general, no negative thoughts, etc.  

Except that at mile 17.7 I suddenly didn't feel well enough to run.  At.  All.  So I had to stop for a second and walk (and heave, but thankfully no vomit on the side of the road today).  And I walked for a 10th, and then ran until my watch beeped 18.  And I was so tired that I actually didn't stop running for a few more steps when I realized - oh yea, I can stop now.  

So, 18 miles, in 3:11:change, and now I'm feeling pretty good about next week's 20 miler and the race in general.  Even though I had to stop.  And even though my finish pace sucked.  I still feel good about todays run.  Isn't that weird?  Can you imagine, ME, running 18 miles?  Yea, me neither, but I did it.

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Chele said...

I still picture you doing like 24 like it's nothing. Really that was my thought when you said you ran. I though, Oh, Ginny probably runs like 25 miles like the rest of the crazy runners :)