Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Suess?

It's been a LONG time since I posted a people watching comment, but yesterday I saw a woman who was blog worthy.  No.  I was NOT in Walmart.  No.  Her Bra Straps were not showing.  No.  She was not wearing any leopard, cheetah or zebra.  I took my kids for their annual dental consult for braces etc. at a local medical building.  For all intensive purposes, she was perfectly normal... or at least was before what appeared to be a plastic surgery addiction.

Holy smokes, this woman was about 40/45ish and she dripped with the phrase "new money" and "I only have this job so I don't go insane from boredom".  She had obviously had her entire face done in some kind of major lift, fill in, neck tuck, nose job, lips, cheek implants - you name it... until the finished result was a WHO from WHOVILLE.  I'm not kidding you.  Her entire face was the shape of a heart with giant cheeks, a tiny nose with a bulb on the end, and her mouth was so filled that it jutted away from her teeth in a sharp little point with lipstick on the peaks.  The CRAZY thing is that I saw her last year (or maybe the year before?) at my children's dental apt (she's the office manager at a local dental office) and she had been an attractive woman.

This is just further proof of why people who have too much money to use good sense, should give it to charity, start a college scholarship program, or if all else fails, give it to me.

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Chele said...

Her twin sister came into work today. More like 60 with really bad hair extensions. What really got me was her boobs. Boobs that size at that age do not sit where those do. Mine haven't sat there for like 10 years. It really did distract you from her gold shiny shirt... it was spectacular.