Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heeeeeeeere PIG!

(I can hear the Jaws Theme Song...)
The H1N1 flu is now at my neighbor's house... 
(the song is getting louder)
 it's on the bus... 
(the song is getting faster)
it's in my oldest kid's girl scout troop...
(and faster and louder)
 it's in my son's classroom... it's in our preschool...  
(so here I am, a sitting duck, on the calm water, while there's churning below.  It's coming for me, and the only question that remains is this:  Am I going to be attacked or am I just here for the added suspense of the audience?)

It's only a matter of time.  I wiped the surfaces in my house down with Lysol... including the toys, the phones, the light switches and door knobs, the remote controls and computer keys.  I've rubbed hand sanitizer on myself about 8 times today and restocked the bathrooms with new antibacterial soap and new towels.

And all this sounds like it should be OK, its a mild flu and we'll be fine.  We're a low risk family.  Except that I'm training for a marathon.  I can't get the flu!  I can't!  It will ruin my race!  All this training will be in vain.... the stress of worrying about trying not to get sick is making me ill.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SCARY!! I have never really though about getting the flu until H1N1 hit the press.. UGH!!

Away little piggy away!

OK so your comment today made me smile. YOu are really read my race report more than once?? I made so many mistakes that were so fixable. I would say the worst thing I did was stress myself out so much that my body shut down. My post Race Lessons learned give a few examples.

Good luck in your training!!

Chele said...

I think you need to lay up in a hotel until the Marathon. Leave the kids& hubby at home, they will be fine.