Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tonight was a, uh, interesting.  You see, I'm a non-believer in psychics.  After the psychic who read my palm after Ron Eughbanks and I broke up told me I would never marry or have children, but that I would have many lovers was so wrong, I have been a "non-believer".  (I met H shortly later, sadly that limited my number of lovers)  Sorry, I generally think psychics are full of it.

But tonight was just weird.  The "psychic" AKA from this point on as the "scam artist" was strangely accurate on her assumptions about my life... which made her look down right scary as she predicted a terrible future for me and my husband, an unknown man, my soul mate (who GOOD NEWS, gets to live happily ever after in this lifetime), my unpublished book, etc.  More good news though, was that my 3rd child was given a good outcome, she will be great, while the other two didn't have enough energy to read tonight.

Skip to the end if you don't want to know every stupid detail.  SO OK- it started with the usual, "what is one wish you would like to make?"  My response, "success with my education".  This provoked a response.... eerily accurate...  "You are... a medical student, but you failed when you were quit business school.  This time you will succeed, do not quit, it is important to your future."  ***eerie because I am a nursing student who was a business major about 12 years ago***  "You will succeed where you attempt a new challenge."  ***I'm thinking marathon here.***  "You are a writer?  You will succeed if you try to write again...."  ***eyes closed, a quick nap perhaps?***  "I'm reading a husband- your husband is tall, with a beard... or a goatee, and he has a long face.  How long have you been married?"  (almost 12 years)  "Hmmmm.  The last 5 years have not been happy.  ***really?***  "But you should stay with him, you keep him alive.  He is not good for you though, unless you can learn to answer his questions..." ***kinda vague on that, wtf does that mean?  "...when you don't finish something, he has questions.  He is not your soulmate, but he is your life mate.  Things are not good, but you must stay with him even when he is not good to you.  Your soul mate, you know who he is, will live a happy life."  ***GOOD NEWS there again, just... not for me.  But it's nice to know that SOMEONE GETS A GOOD LIFE***  "A man will come into your life, John, Jonathan?  Does this name mean anything to you?  (no one in my life named John)  "OK well he will come in and save you, not as a romantic person, BUT he will make a huge difference in your life, he will be your guardian angel for both you and your husband.  You have a heart of gold, you are a good person, but good things don't always happen to good people.  I think we should exchange phone numbers so I can give you a more accurate reading in your home."  ***and I think I read her aura correctly when I heard her think, "so I can milk some more money out of you at the very least, at best I can case your house."  Now, here's the clincher, "Your 3rd child Brittney, will have a good life, even though she challenges you now."  

my response, by the way to the phone number question was, "I'm sorry, I can't do that.", but what my aura may have said was "hell no, crazy lady, do I look like I was born yesterday?"

Initially I was a little creep'd out - seriously creep'd the F out.  OK, I admit it.  I was...  but my husband is perfectly described that way, I never told her how many children I have and I wasn't wearing a charm bracelet with my kids birthstones or anything, my 3rd child is a challenge, and her name is not Brittney, but it's BRI- name.  So sure - I freaked a bit there for a minute because it all sounded pretty spot on and I AM A NON-BELIEVER.

After thinking it over, though, I've decided that she got lucky.  I mean, after all she did 14 readings, about 7 of whom were before me, some of those readings involved 2 people (pregnant mamas), so eventually she had to hit on one.  AND if I have to take the bad, since we now can assume that H is "not good for me", at least I get to have success in my MARATHON and Nursing school!  Yay!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WEIRD!! I would never put myself near a anyone who claims to read the future...UGH!!

Thank you for your comment really threw up on someones lawn...OMG!!

And thanks for telling me the viedo was good, I had gut rot about posting it but hubby said it was good an dI was out of time..

Chele said...

OK... now I want to go. I have never been. I'm not really sure I want to hear what they have to say but maybe I need to. Did you just pick someone out of the yellow pages?

momof3 said...

I was at a baby shower and she was brought in as the entertainment. I wasn't going to do it, but a glass of wine and some peer pressure later there I sat, across from a woman who looked like a leathered gnome... I don't recommend it. Ultimately she came off as creepy and scam artist-like. If you decide to go through with is, go do the taro card thing instead of the aura reading thing... another person at the shower had some experience with it. I'll never do it again.

bobbi said...

so, I'd be curious as to your take on this, a few years later.

(and yes, the sick children in my house are compelling me to read the "very important stuff" I mean back stories of my very wonderful "friends in the computer" so I can stop listening to the whining for one more second.