Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've been a fan of MONTY PYTHON for years.  Love it.  LOVE IT.  Want to marry it.  Think it is the GREATEST thing since sliced bread.  So, that I know a song about SPAM is probably a scary thing... but the food isn't something I've ever tried and the junk in my e-mail inbox is NOT MY FAVORITE.

Do I need to say it again?  NOT my favorite.

BUT in my inbox today I saw something that made me think of all my missed opportunities.  Yes, it did.  Because really, it's all about MARKETING and IF ONLY I had thought of a way to market a simple notebook bought for $1 as a $15.99 DIET PLAN, I too could be a multi millionaire.  It was the Flat Tummy Journal.  A notebook you use to help you get a flat tummy. 

SEND ME $15.99 and I will send you the MAGIC secret of THE STAY AT HOME MOME OF 3 to GETTING FIT!  GETTING FAST!  GETTING A FLAT TUMMY!  ALL you have to do is write down how much you walk or run every day, note how FAST you do your run/how many miles you walked in the allotted time, and, keep a journal on the facing page of WHAT YOU EAT.... 

Seriously?  WHY didn't I think of marketing this genius plan?  I've been doing this for a while now.  It's how I track what to eat before a race... you know, "good run today" or "NOT GOOD RUN TODAY"... ok, so what did I EAT yesterday or today that lead to such bad stomach issues?  OK, don't eat RED MEAT or PIZZA or etc and so forth.  And, it's hard to stuff your face with 20 OREOs if you have to write down that you actually are about to eat 20 OREOs.

Dang.  I guess I need to look at all the places in my life where I could improve my marketing strategy.

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