Saturday, June 28, 2008

8 Miles

8 miles.  Somehow now that I've done it, technically twice, it doesn't sound that big.  I mean, I KNOW it's a long run, and I did get very tired there in the end.... but somehow it doesn't seem so scary to me now.  A few months ago if you'd suggested an 8 mile run would be part of my summer plans, I would have offered you some kind of "herbal refreshment" to clear your head- and no I don't mean herbal tea.

So, R ran the whole way with me.  I think having my "trainer" run beside me did a few things for me.  I wasn't going to walk.  I did, technically walk about 4 strides while I sucked down a sip off my new hydration belt, but I didn't take any prescribed walking breaks.  And, I ran "slow", but I still picked up my pace by a bit.  I always tend to speed up around mile 3, which I do on every run.  I think I do it because I usually only run about that far, so I sprint the end.  Well, R slowed me down a bit at that point just by noticing the increase in speed.  Thank goddess she did because I think it's likely I wouldn't have made it if she hadn't said something.  

On other notes, thanks to the 8 or 9 people who suggested 3 Sports.  I went in there and asked the guy to look at my shoes.  I figured he would get right on the, "You need a new expensive pair of shoes" bandwagon.  He didn't.  In fact, he said my shoes were pretty good and could go about another month.  Good deal.  He watched me run, checked the fit, and never pushed a purchase on me.  That said, I WILL go back for my new shoes in a few weeks.  The race will be less than 2 months away at that point (OHMYGODDESS- is that RIGHT?) and I will need a new pair.  At the same time I want to break in the new pair before I try running 13.1 miles in them.  

So, I looked at and bought a mad expensive "Fuel Belt".  You know what, this sucker is great.  I can already see the benefit of having it.  Sure, I can run and walk in it...  and I could take it on trail rides too.  Nothing worse than being on a horse in the middle of nowhere w/o a drink.  It worked great today, was comfortable.  My only complaint is that it put a wear mark on my shirt.  I'm not excited about all my shirts being torn up by it.  

S'pose I could be one of those women running in a sports bra & skirt so I don't ruin my shirts, but I somehow can't see myself as the topless runner just yet...  (cheap sounding stripper/disco music just popped into my head now for some reason).

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