Saturday, June 7, 2008

"don't forget your towel"

Today I was reminded of one of my all time favorite books, The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Please, do not be confused by the movie version of this book.  It could have been a good movie, but they've screwed it up twice...  It's a great book though.  It advises several things that are SO true, for one, "wiping a towel around the edge of a tequila bottle probably kills more germs on the towel than it removes from the bottle"....  another- "The Meaning Of Life cannot be summed up by one question or one answer".... but I think the most important thing that the book says is, "Don't forget your towel".  

No matter what you are doing or where you are going, a towel will come on handy.  Can use it as a towel, a blanket to keep you warm, a sun shade and a security item.  So today, as I was darting out of my house to go running with I-pod in hand and Gatorade in the other, I stuffed a tiny baby washcloth in my bra strap.  Best move of the day.  I bet there are some women who could run 6 miles (or nearly 6 in my case) in 100 degree* weather without burning their eyes w/ sweat... but I'm not one of them.  *'twas 88 when we returned from our run, practically "cool".  When I run I pour sweat.  I felt like someone was wringing the water from my body and the only place it could escape was INTO MY EYES!  Anyway, my little towel saved me today.  It was small enough to tuck in when I was done, but large enough to be handy.  I don't intend to leave with out it again.  Won't I look sexy on my runs from now on with a little pink and yellow baby wash cloth tucked into my shirt.  Haha. 

So today was my first long run with a group.  It was fun, but I did feel a little like a North America Lemming as I jogged (sprinted) across Staple Mill Road following the pack.  Everyone ended up so far ahead of me that I finished my run about 6 minutes behind them!  Considering that I ran 6 miles and they all ran 7 only a few minutes more than it took me...   I'll try not to be depressed, and even if I am, I can always cry into my towel.

Looking forward to more torture next week when I have to figure out how to keep up on an even longer run.  Perhaps you could all leave a little trail of bread crumbs for me to follow?

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