Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swimwear, Squish, & some T&A

Four score and seven pounds ago I had a hot body that wore a skimpy two piece swim suit....  And then... I turned 12.  No really, that's not true.  Off and on over the past X years I have had times when I looked amazing, i.e. I was fit/muscled.  But I got married and pregnant in one fell swoop... and since then I've been pretty squishy.  That's definitely the word.  Tofu-ness isn't a word, but if it was, it would describe my abs.  White & squish.  Not appealing at all in a swim suit, if you can imagine.

I went shopping for a new suit yesterday.  I didn't want a bikini.  I'm not cut out for that because, well, I'm not cut.  We've already established that, but when I saw this one awesome suit on the rack I thought, I could never wear anything like that again. Initially, I was so sad that I decided I would try it on to remind myself that I can at least have a nostalgia moment.  Well, it didn't look that bad.  In fact, I think it looked as good as any suit I put on in the last 8 or so years.  

So, yesterday I bought a two piece swim suit.  It's madness, I don't buy two pieces.  It's cute though, and the person shopping with me is brutally honest.  I have to admit, maybe a little too brutal sometimes, but at least honest.  I had to question whether or not the suit I bought is really that good, or if the one I tried on before it was so bad that anything would be an improvement.  Honest V, "It's not perfect, but you have had 3 kids.  It looks pretty amazing for 3 kids."  I don't want to make excuses, but I'll take that I guess.

I was challenged by someone who said, "Ok, so you bought it, but will you wear it?"  So today, in honor of that person... for the first time since 1998, I wore a 2 piece bikini.  I exposed my WHITE belly to the WHOA pool.  Not my most shining moment, but...I should have done this years ago.  

Talk about motivation to eat healthy.  I ate like a champ today.  7-9 fruits/veggies... actually, I ate vegetarian today... hmmm.  Ok, I digress, I stayed off the Doritos and snacked sensibly, drank plenty of water, etc.  All because every time I looked in my pantry I thought, "I bought that suit, I am going to need to lay off the crap if I'm planning on wearing it with any pride."  AGAIN, I should have done this YEARS ago!!!  Anyway, Thanks R, T & A for helping me gain back some semblance of my self esteem as well as my waist.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you ROCKED that suit!!