Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Training plan... 2.0- Maybe...

Ok, so you want to hear something amazing.  When I googled, training half marathon chocolate, etc... I got a HIT.  No kidding.  I found a site that lists the 15 best foods for running and astonishingly, it had about 12 of my FAVORITE foods on it!  I should have started running AGES ago!  I don't want to bore you all with my training & food obsessions.  We've already established that I am obsessed with food, but at least I've found a "diet" that has dark chocolate listed as (nearly) a health food.  

Onto other subjects I am struggling with my running.  Occasionally I kick a**, I run fast and free and end my journey in a grand flourish.  But most days I huff and puff through my first 2 miles, and then I drag myself to the end of mile 3 and practically lay down on the driveway.  Or, if I'm on a 4 mile run, the first 3 miles are miserable and the last mile is great.  What is this?  Am I doomed?  I've heard that people who run get 'high'.  What am I doing wrong?  Running too slow?  Too fast?  Walking too much?  Not enough?  Not running far enough?  Running too far?  I guess the next week is going to be all about trial and error while I noodle with my schedule to make it more restful and efficient all at the same time.

My schedule, I confess, has been a bit, um, full.  I've been doing SS 4 days, running 4 days, and often those days overlap.  I also still have to walk my dogs, so even on my rest days I'm walking 2 miles.  And about one day a week I walk 2 miles, run 3 miles, and then attend SS at Maymont of all places.  I like Maymont.  I like the social aspect, the hills, the beauty and nostalgia.  I like that B-ridge and Liz B like Maymont too and enjoy the "dogdogs", also known as "pigs".  But... sometimes I wonder if I'm becoming a little addicted to being out of my house.  I mean, avoiding laundry is practically a hobby of mine, but maybe I've carried it a bit far.

I have questioned if maybe I am cross training too vigorously and that I should lay off one of my SS days.  Maybe I need a different social outlet... I probably drive the SS trainers mad with my talking anyway & they'll be glad that I'm going to take a day off per week until I get through my funk....  Na, they love me.  In the mean time, I'm going to try to continue to come to SS, but I won't push as hard on my run days.  Maybe....


Anonymous said...

Of course we LOVE having you in class! You brighten my day everytime I see you! I want you to remember the importance of rest. It sounds counter-productive but resting gives your body (and muscles) time to heal. When you heal, your muscles heal stronger so you actually get better by resting!!

I personally think you can scale back to running 3-4 times per week and SS 2-3 times per week. Less is More!! You don't want to risk injury. I also really believe in rest WEEKS. That means building your mileage on your runs for 3 weeks and then backing down for 1 week to let your body rest. I also find you don't get that mental burnout that way.

I would be happy to help you however you want!!

you rock!

momof3 said...

Thanks R, I always value your input. I did exactly that this week, & I took an "honest" rest day on Wednesday. I ran so much easier yesterday. Today is a light Cross day, so I might see you later at SS but I will be "slacking" a bit. Tomorrow is a "long run" for me at 5, which I'm nervous about! It's my first 5. My training program has 2 weeks where I go from 6M one week to 5K the next, and from 8M to 10K a few weeks later. I would like to bring it to you to view sometime soon so you can see what I'm doing, etc.