Monday, June 9, 2008

Camping with the Girlscouts AGAIN

Last weekend I spent 2 days in the wilds of Chesapeake with 12 girl scouts, one of whom was C, my daughter.  We were actually camping with a friends troop, because we wanted to go to that camp & check it out.  I left dirty, but relaxed.  This weekend we went to a different camp with C's actual troop.  Oh My Goddess.  I should have ended my camping for this year on last weekend's good note.  

Holy Carp.  This weekend was HOT.  Last weekend our camp had AC in the cabins.  This weekend we did NOT have it.  It made all the difference.  The "mess hall" at the last camp also had AC, which meant that when you arrived to eat you were refreshed by the cool air.  Oh no.  No refreshing air at this camp to be found.  It was 110* in the sun.  My poor C looked like she had wilted.  Like a bright red flower with drooping petals, her heat flushed cheeks were only emphasized by the paleness of her eyelids.  Poor thing.  And the rest of her troop looked about the same.  I'll not say much about us, the adults on the trip, except that my T-shirt was soaked within a few minutes of arriving.  I did not glisten, nor did I glow.... I sweated.  By the end of the night my sheets were soaked.  They felt as though they had been wiped down with a damp sponge.  And as I'm fond of asking my children who like to "mop" things up without sweeping first, "What happens when you add dirt to water?", well, the same thing happens to sweat with dirt.  I feel as though I've had a mud wrap.  Not in a good way.  

I guess there's a new angle.  "Come to Girl Scout Camp, get a mud bath that is scented like Deep Woods OFF and SPF 50 sunscreen, when you leave you'll be dotted with mosquito bites."  Don't I feel like a sexy goddess right now.

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