Sunday, June 22, 2008

my mouth is full...

You know the feeling when you've bitten off more than you can chew, but you keep chewing because you're either too embarrassed to spit out what's in your mouth, or it tastes too good to let go?

Well, that's the feeling I had on Saturday during the long run with my "girls".  I was having fun keeping up and I was too embarrassed to slow down when I should have... and suddenly, I couldn't keep up at all.  They run faster than me, even the slowest of the lot- and I'm starting to think she only runs slow with me to keep me company.  I am going to have to embrace this and just let them go.  I can't hold them back and I can't keep up.  The truth is that they've all been running for months longer than I have.  They train 30 seconds faster than I can comfortably run, and while I'm gasping for every scrap of air my lungs can draw, they're having a great chat.  30 seconds.  Think about that for a minute.  It's a tremendous amount of time on each mile.  I can't run that fast for more than 3 miles.  And I have now demonstrated this sad fact.  Again.  

So next week when the girls run, I am going to have to pass.  Oh don't get me wrong, I love running with them, and that is my problem.  I try to keep up.  Next week I am going to conquer 8 miles, on my terms, with my speed.  I am going to finish strong.  Oh now wait a minute, I'm not a wuss.  I'm still going to increase my training distance by 10% this week, but I'm going to add it to a different shorter run.

Because running isn't just about running fast.  It's about running with the confidence to stick to your own speed, your own training program, & to rest before you are completely weary so you get the benefit of the recovery.  This 8 mile run is going to be on my terms.

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TMB said...

G - I love you! I wish 30 seconds, didn't make such a difference. But I completely understand how you feel about it ... Remember a little race called the Carytown 10K? That was my realization moment that you have to run for where you are at, not where everyone else is. I just hope that you know that we always love having you with us and that you'll join us again. -T