Friday, June 13, 2008


Yesterday was a weird day for me.  I was a little out of control at MNO last night, and I know why, but I didn't realize how ridiculous I was being until this morning.  So much for thinking I was in control of myself.  It was the 1st anniversary of my Grandfather's death.  He was an amazing man. 

During his life he saved 10% of what he made.  In 1933 that was $3.20 a week.  It was some of the best financial advice I've ever gotten.
He was really into fitness, and swam and biked regularly until his late 80's.
He took a walk every day up until he was 96 years old.
He believed, if he could do something, he shouldn't pay someone else to do it- the first time he fell off the roof he was 86 years old.  Only minor scratches that time...
He did not apply that theory to his wife, and while they vacationed on the OBX he gave her a budget to hire a maid & cook so she could have a break too.
He had a drink every day of his life, but I never saw him drunk.
In 2003 he attended his 70th college reunion.
He was a southern gentleman, and still opened doors for me up until he died.
He played tickle toes with Bridget on May 20th of 2007.  It was the last time any of us saw him interacting w/ one of his great grandchildren.
Weeks later he fell asleep in his favorite chair & never woke up, and though he went to the hospital to have a brain scan, he was returned to his home days later so he could have his one last wish.

My Grandmother, the dear, is the last remaining.  All her siblings and their husbands are gone.  Her friends have gone ahead as well.  A few months ago she lamented that she "never wanted to be left behind and that it wasn't fair".  She is still fierce.  She is still a tomboy.  She still has a drink every day and I've still never seen her drunk.  Go figure.

Thanks for humoring me today.

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