Thursday, June 12, 2008

News Update

"And in other news, a Henrico man has been accused of murdering his wife when he arrived home to discover she had not only cancelled HBO, but also removed all the premium cable channels."  Just, incase something suspicious should happen to me in the next 2 weeks or so, at least you'll all know why.  

Over the past 4 months I have told my H about MANY things, only to have him say, "Huh?  You never mentioned that."  Well, I warned him that if he continued to place the TV above me, there would be Hell to pay.  I was serious.  And now comes the fall out.

I decided that our TV was interfering with our family communication.  I thought, if my H didn't have 417 choices (honest to goddess the number of channels we got) he might be more inclined to listen to me after 8pm.  Seriously, I warned him.  It's not like I was boring him with the tedium of what I was doing all day in a play by play.  "And then the babies took a nap, and then we ate lunch, and then I had an iced coffee while I cleaned up the kitchen..."  I was telling him things that were more along the lines of, "And then the Pediatrician said that her Penecillian allergy was severe enough that we should get an epi-pen", "I need you to fax this camp form ASAP because it's due by the 23rd", and "I'm going to MNO on the 12th, so don't make plans."

And my kids, over dinner the other night, could not tell me ONE thing they had done that day, but they did know what Zack and Cody had done on the Disney Channel that afternoon.  I happened to know, the day in question, there had been a ice cream social at the school.  It's not like it was a regular humdrum school day.  

So, as a social test, I cancelled the cable for one month.  Maybe we won't miss it & we'll be more active people, more likely I'll be jonesing for a fix by the end of this blog post.  I guess I'll be completely dedicated to my blog for the next month....

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