Monday, June 23, 2008

Before and After

Here's the, er, "plump" or, um, "Cheery" photos I promised.  And, did I deliver, or what?  No matter what you think when you look at them, PLEASE tell me you can see the difference.  

I hesitate to call them "fat" photos for several reasons.  The first is, I don't weigh a lot more there than I do now.  The second is that I'm clearly having one of those bad hair nights that make a person look even worse.  Third is that honestly, I remember this night, and (oh my Goddess- here's the clincher), I THOUGHT I LOOKED GOOD.  (Yes that is my belly fat hanging out of the front of my jeans & my belt is on the last hole).  

What crack was I smoking?  Good crack I hope because OH MY GODDESS what was I THINKING???  This photo was taken 4 months after B was born.  Plenty of time to have started taking off the weight, and yet clearly, I had not.  I look like I've been stung by an insect of the eight legged variety.   Note how I lifted my chin at the last second to avoid the "double chin".  It worked right?  Its sad to think that was a strategy I used on a regular basis.  Oh, and the paleness ....  I know I'm wearing make up here...  I'll just blame the flash.  "THE FLASH WASHED ME OUT."  Sort of like the whole, "The water was cold" bit.  I'm sure it was the flash.  I was not an unhealthy couch potato who ate poorly.... it was the flash.  

Some time soon I'll have to get someone to take a better "after" Stroller Strides photo of me.  That would be fun to post.  I don't have one though that's a full body shot, all I have are head shots, which don't do it justice.  Well, except the double chin.  I haven't seen that around in a while.  Ah well, most of you poor people have to look at me all the time, you don't want a photo.  

But, for those of you who don't see me every day, here's the best I have.  From May, on the 10th anniversary of my 22nd birthday, the most complete "After" photo I could find.  
 (I love the illusion of Anne Marie's waist, w/ the booboos on either side...  She's a hottie already, she didn't need the help!)

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