Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 7- Cable TV experiment

The subjects are adapting well to their lack of cable.  No one seems to miss it except for the alpha male, and even he is showing positive signs.  The pups are enjoying activities that they had previously overlooked, like reading, writing in a summer journal, and playing together.  This perhaps is the most impressive development.  The visiting pup from the neighboring den was initially disbelieving when he heard that the cable wasn't operational, but he too has quit asking for "Boomerang" and "Disney".  

Nope- still don't miss it.

By the way, this year I'm noticing something.  Summer break is more like marathon training than marathon training.  That didn't make sense, but it did.  I swear.  From sun up until midnight for every night this week I have been going/doing/watching/babysitting/running/reading/writing/bathing/swimming/timing/
volunteering/photographing/guilting/having guilt.


Note- Cleaning was not on that list.  My house looks like a B Bomb has exploded in it.  I would have said "H-bomb", but my H isn't much of a slob, and B is like "Gozhar the Destructor who came in the form of a mighty slor..."  

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