Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bullet Points

  • Today's the last day to enter the ONE THOUSAND MILE giveaway!  I've enjoyed reading your comments and questions, and look forward to addressing them at some future date!

  • I kind of wish I hadn't reached that 1000 miles in a seriously busy week, but, I did, so sorry I've been a little absent this week.  Between classes, running and kid wrangling I've been a little blog- neglectful.  I'll get right on that.

  • I absolutely ate WAY TOO MUCH yesterday.  Like, I fear going back and counting calories, because I ate the entire day, and it wasn't all about the fruits and veggies.  Sometimes I find the eating during Marathon Training more challenging than the running.

  • I realized today as I was planning my week that I forgot to Cross Train at all the last two weeks.  I guess, technically, I do take a walk 4 - 5 days a week, and usually those walks are on my "rest days"... so, I HOPE they've been enough to count as cross training.  I just don't seem to remember I have a bike these days.  *see above note about 1000 miles, seriously busy, mid-term exams, etc and so forth.

  • I'm starting to get to the point in the marathon training when I'm looking at the schedule and realizing that I can see the end of the schedule.  Fortunately, this means a month of "recovery running, swimming and biking" before marathon training for National Starts *see above note about biking and cross training in general.

  • Because I don't have anything going on in my life these days, my husband thought it was a good time to adopt the stray kittah that is wandering around our neighborhood.  Like a twisted popularity contest, the cat is desired by pretty much all the cat loving households in the 'hood.  And the cat has narrowed it down to two houses.  Ours and One other.  How do we KNOW we're in the two favored houses?  Well, he's a good little hunter kitty, and he brings us "offerings".  My husband is completely in love with the idea that the small rodents that have been tearing up his grass are being annihilated by a sweet and fluffy half grown light orange kitten.  BUT we've discovered that it actually has an "owner" a block away.  The owner finds caring for the cat too troublesome.  OK?  Like, seriously?  Yes, apparently it's troublesome to let the cat in at night.  Or to feed the cat.  Because I know you're all wondering, the cat's name in OUR house is Will Feral.  The cat's name in the competing house is Butterscotch.  (and another neighbor calls him Stitch).  Don't tell my family, but to be perfectly honest, I am rooting for the "Butterscotch" house to win.  I'm a little allergic to Will Feral.


P said...

Ha, ha! Love the name Will Feral!

Pam said...

LOL @ Will Feral... that's hilarious.

Rene' said...

we have a Will Feral in our neighborhood. we named him "wild cat". it was great when my 10 year old let him in to play with our cats. i will leave the rest to your imagination.

Julie D. said...

seriously, eating during marathon training is way harder than the running itself. I feel like marathon training is the same as pregnancy for me---an excuse to eat whatever I want. Not exactly good for training or for losing weight. :)