Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 5 on Taper Island - 5 Things Friday

1.  Taper Island, it's not just a state of mind.  Every time I see a runner go by my house, my car, my walking self, I think, "WHY AREN'T YOU TAPERING???"  I am an island.  In a sea.  Of runners.  Today, is unfortunately, a rest day.  At least I get to run Saturday & Sunday.

2.  November 13th and the Richmond Marathon... are right around the corner!!!  Are you running RICHMOND?  Are you running another Marathon?  Let me know so I'll know when to VOTE YOU OFF Taper Island!

3.  Unrelated to marathoning, coaches & tapering,  or CPR certifications, or really, anything else I've blogged about in the last few days, my friend Christa at Run Mommy Run 4 came up with the cutest little plan for a virtual milage club for the kiddos!  All three of my Klingons will be participating, and there's already some fierce competition in the house.  Check it out, and join the fun!

4.  BIG NEWS on the HOME FRONT!  My husband is a blood hound, or something, and found my iPod.  In the car, which has been searched.  The iPod was in the first aid kit.  Don't ask.  Don't tell.  The iPod certainly isn't going to tell, right?  Thank You H!!!

5.  My 3 year old is sick.  Bummer.  She's cranky, sleepless with Croup.  We had to go see the Pediatrician.  And while we were waiting, I downloaded Angry Birds onto my Droid, and taught her to play it.  Insert happily entertained child here.


Jen said...

I am almost off... please vote me off (not that you would forget).

I am feeling fat and lazy because I CANNOT run... oh man... now I am starting to plan my runs after my marathon... I am going CRAZY here.

Hope #5 is feeling better soon!

Rene' said...

One more week and I am off sister!!! Let me tell you I am going crazy and I am eating cr??. Taper Island just does not agree with me.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Okay I have only ran 29.75 miles this week. (it's relative) I was sick but that doesn't matter. My race is actually on Sunday which for me is ANOTHER week so this week is going to be in the crapper for miles. I need a life raft or some palm tree to lash together because I have to get off this island!

First Aid kit, really? What do you people do???

I hope the little one is well quickly because a Taper mom does NOT want to be around GERMS!

racing dawn said...

I'm running Napa Valley Trail Marathon this weekend. The taper this time was crazy hard. It's like you're ready for a break but so jealous of all those out running... This weekend has taken forever to come. Stay strong friend!