Saturday, September 6, 2008

Because 5k would have been too easy

Sometimes 1 is not enough of anything.  In my case, 1 kid was not enough.  1 college,  1 job (I often have 3 or 4 small gigs at once), etc... so, because one is not enough, I ran in my SECOND race in 7 days.  Yea, so OK, I took up running 5 months ago and up till that day had never run a single race, and now I'm up to two a week.  Ofcourse, I sort of sucked at this race.  Too bad.  T rocked though, double stroller and all, and Cookie totally kicked my a** big time.

Since I'm now a veteran runner with a whopping 3 races under my belt, I thought a challenge was in order.  First order of business, I chose to completely exhaust myself before this 5K race by running 13.1m on Sunday, walking on Tuesday, walking on Wednesday am followed by Marshal Arts on Wednesday night, Stroller Strides on Thursday w/ T, and a 32 minute run on Friday followed by a mere 2+ m walk later that morning.  Sure sure, many people might have rested on Friday before the race.  Heck-fire-and-shoot... lots of people might have taken the week off after a Half Marathon on Sunday... but not me.  I like a challenge.  But all that wasn't going to be a challenge enough.  Nope, I still needed something more.  

Instead of running a 5K on a nice breezy sunny day with 60% humidity (like my first 5K), I thought- 3.1 miles is too easy for me.  I need some kind of obstacle... oh, I know, I'll choose to run a race that's taking place in the middle of a Tropical Storm!  Brilliant!  Tropical Storm Hanna dumped about 6 gallons of water into my clothing as I was running today.  I felt 5 pounds heavier when I finished the race than when I started!!! 

I keep saying race.  I mean run.  It was not really a race for me because my legs felt like lead.  My shoes felt so heavy I could barely stretch out to take a good stride.  I never felt good the entire race.  The only reason I sprinted the finish was because R came out to sprint with me, and I still have some small amount of pride left to show off for her (sad, but true), and because I wanted to be done with the rain.  And, it was a great sprint, but, it wasn't a great time.  31:40 I think, I really need to look at my watch again.  My last 5K was faster.  But then, I hadn't run 19 miles that week, and I did this week.  I'll be honest.  At the end of todays run, I felt beaten.  I need a break or something.... or... maybe just need to sit and watch football for an afternoon. 

As I typed out my schedule, I chuckled at the stupidity of myself.  Yes.  I'm STUPID.  (not as stupid as smoking college students, but not much smarter).  "Oh woe is me, I feel sick and weak."  Gee g., I wonder the F%&*#(@ why???  You've not taken any time off to rest for the last F'n week.  Stupid, and I'll tell you why:  When asked on Thursday morning of this week how my week was going, I replied, "I'm taking the week off, I haven't worked out at all."  Yes.  That's what I said.  SO.  Tomorrow I'm TAKING THE DAY OFF FROM WORKING OUT.  (it's in all caps incase I am inclined to forget that I'm taking the day off but check my blog before I head out with running shoes on).  

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