Monday, September 22, 2008

My new profession... stripper.

I've decided I need to become a stripper.  Really.  It's either that or buy all new clothes & I can't afford it.  I am beginning to think exercise is too expensive of a hobby for me.  It's crazy.  It's never been a problem before because I've worked out with no success before....  Wait a minute.  This is R's fault.  R needs to have some kind of warning on her Stroller Strides liability form...  "SS will not be held responsible for your credit card debt due to weight loss and the resulting wardrobe updates required".


Anonymous said...

OK, you crack me up! I have had many comments about Stroller Strides, but this takes the cake! Speaking of cake, why don't I start offering cake at the end of each class so you cna put back on the pounds that you lose! That will solve that problem :)

Keep up the great work, girl!

momof3 said...

Well- the whole stripper comment came into play when my skirt fell of during a run the other day. Whoosh... there it went. I hold you responsible. Oh, I did think about getting a job at HOOTERS to pay for the new clothes... but... I dunno. I think I'm a little old for that route.