Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green day

I would like to share with you all that this morning, at 5:25 when B woke up and started yelling, "I awake!  MomEeeeeeeee, I awake", I had a revelation on my life.  It could really be summed up into an excerpt from one of my favorite books.  It's a book I re-read with frequency, and each time I find it speaks to me on a different level.  By now, when I read it I look deeply at the words, savor each truth, and realize that my entire life is dependent on the same variables in this book as it applies to myself and children...  So, here is the excerpt, I'll have a few discussion questions at the end to further enhance your understanding of this book.

"Some days are yellow, some are blue, on different days I'm different too.  You'd be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days.  On bright red days, how good it feels, to be a horse and KICK my heels!  On other days, I'm other things.  On Bright Blue days I flap my wings.  Some days of course feel sort of brown, then I feel slow and low, low down.   Then comes a yellow day and wheeeeeeeee, I'm a busy buzzy bee...  Then all of a sudden, I'm a Circus Seal!  On my orange days, that's how I feel.  Green days.  Deep deep in the sea.  Cool and quiet fish.  That's me.... ...  Then come my black days.  Mad and Loud, I howl.  I growl at every cloud...."  My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss

So... here's the thing.  What is the difference between a red day and an orange day?  Or, an orange day and a yellow day?  And, why is it that my B seems to constantly ride a fine line between Yellow and Black?  She has yellow/black swings every 12 minutes.  I'm really NOT exaggerating.  I mean, seriously, why can't I have a Green Child?  A quiet green day child who sleeps PAST 5:45 AM???  

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